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Spotlight on NW Creative: Designers Don’t Read by Austin Howe

Designers Don’t Read by Austin Howe began as a series of weekly essays sent every Monday morning to top graphic designers. It’s now a 208-page book from one of Portland’s more well known “mad men.” Howe and Mike Doherty launched the hybrid advertising agency AKA Advertising and Sass (where I showed my book to Doug […]

Jonah Bloom on The Rise of Media As A Marketing Service (A Favorite Topic Herein)

“We now have countless examples of the success of marketer as media owner,” Bloom says. Then he kindly lists them. J&J’s had 3.6 million views last month P&G’s and pulled in close to a million visitors P&G is launching its beauty mag, Rouge, to six million Americans next year Walmart with its […]

Do Consumers Care Who Owns The Media Property? Not When The Content’s Right.

According to Ad Age, custom magazines from package-goods marketers have been around for a while, but a new wrinkle in the U.S. rollout of beauty magazine Rouge, is the use of the mommy blogger community to help build the database of the relationship-marketing program. P&G first launched Rouge in Canada in 2005, then tested the […]

This Print Is Jumpin’

Sometimes a demo is just what the doctor ordered. This is one of those times. Andrew Bell of Barbarian Group explains how the project came together. This is all the result of a three-way collaboration between the editorial staff of Esquire, the uber-talented designers at Psyop, and us. It was awesome getting to see first-hand […]

Real Life McCann Welcomes Fictional Agency

The folks at McCann Erickson probably liked, and disliked, the season finale of “Mad Men.” The episode featured Sterling Cooper set to be sold to 1960’s era McCann, an agency described as not a good one for Don Draper & Co. to work for. 2009’s McCann decided to play along: McCann Erickson bought ads that […]

RPA Spreads A Fever

Honda Crosstour is a new vehicle being promoted by an old song.

Stream With Me

My jaw is on the ground. Social media scholar, Danah Boyd, spoke at Web2.0 Expo in New York yesterday and now her talk is available in “print” on her site. Here’s one bite of that nourishing feast: Consider what it means to be “in flow” in an information landscape defined by networked media and you […]

Boing Boing Bringin’ It

Montreal-based Fluorescent Hill throws down the animation gauntlet in the following video from N.A.S.A., featuring Tom Waits and Kool Keith. [via Boing Boing]