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Did You Know That Lotus Knows?

Given the concern people have for their privacy in online environments (as noted this morning by Danny G.), Lotus Knows is kind of a strange campaign. Learn more about IBM’s desktop product at

Entertain & Inform, Then Entertain Some More

Candace Bushnell is working with Maybelline on The Broadroom, a made for the Web knock off on her hit show Sex in the City. Episodic content. Episodic content. Episodic content. How many times will Stuart Elliott of the The New York Times and I go over this? Web series are being created specifically for advertisers, […]

Keeping Web Tracking On Track

With so much focus on accountability and ROI, there’s an increasing pressure on agencies to prove their advertising works. And with interactive, agencies are asked to provide detailed metrics whenever possible. The trouble is, the more consumers know about how much they’re tracked online, the more they don’t like it. So with the specter of […]

Worthy of Further Clickery, Vol. 2

On Nov. 1, I put up a list of sites deemed by me to be Worthy of Further Clickery. The month’s not even out, and I’m here I am doing it again–hey, there’s a mountain of material out there. When you’re not deeply absorbed in this site, getting drunk or working under an intense deadline, […]

What Can Brown Do For Me? Brown Can Curate My Business News, For Starters.

Steve Rubel, lifestreamer and VP-director of insights at Edelman Digital believes in brand-curated content, as his latest Ad Age piece shows. …digital curation — both automated and human-powered — will be the next big thing to shake the web. There’s an evergreen need for those who can separate art from junk online. However, in this […]

What I Miss By Not Living In the Center of the Media Universe

Spotlight On NW Creative: Executives In Residence at U of O

Rishad Tobaccowala and Simon Mainwaring were in Eugene last week as part of the Executives in Residence program at the University of Oregon School of Journalism. According to Ad Age, Tobaccowala and Mainwaring spent three days working with students in seminars, workshops and meetings with faculty. Here’s a video the students shot of Mainwaring: I […]

Coke Stares Into the Crystal Ball

Coca-Cola execs hosted an Investor and Analyst event on November 16 and 17 in Atlanta to discuss the company’s “2020 Vision and Roadmap for Winning Together.” According to Ad Age: Coke pulled out all the stops at the meeting, its first such confab since 1998. There was a dinner designed by Linton Hopkins, named one […]