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Creative Reconciles With Accounts

The last episode of Mad Men, season three, is a big one for Don. He makes right with Roger, Pete and Peggy, but not with his wife or with Conrad Hilton. He also learns to accept some things about himself, professionally and personally. Here’s a key scene: Roger: You don’t value what I do anymore […]

Log Off And Head For The Keys

Monroe County Tourist Development Council is running a new campaign from Tinsley Advertising in Miami. Tinsley Creative Director Dorn Martell says, “Everyone is preaching technology as an escape. What we want to do is position the Keys as an alternative with ‘real’ experiences.”

Free Wi-Fries!

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Rupe Shares His Thoughts On Media Today

Sky News political editor David Speers talks to News Corporation chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch about paywalls, politics, and more. One of the highlights of the interview comes early (around the 2:30 mark) where Rupe talks about his plan to remove News Corp. content from search engines. He argues, “What’s the point of having someone […]

Behind The Scenes With Extreme Olympic Athletes

Samsung is encouraging people to become Mobile Explorers and film behind the scenes events in Vancouver.

Razorfish 2009 FEED Report

Editor’s Note: Here’s more information from the Razorfish report mentioned last night on AdPulp (Looks like Brian Morrissey got the report before we did). The 2009 Razorfish FEED Report is out. FEED is a snapshot of the state of connected consumers and how digital branding influences their purchasing habits. Among the points in the 2009 […]

A Digital (And Universal) Truth: People Like Deals

As someone with a promotions background and an interactive background, it’s been clear to me for several years how each discipline helps bolster the other. Here are a few numbers to support my line of thinking: A new consumer study of 2000 “digitally connected” consumers commissioned by Razorfish found that 43 percent of those following […]

Meet The Human Billboard/Social Spokesman

For a small fee, Jason Sadler, 26, of Jacksonville, Florida will wear your company’s t-shirt for a day and talk up your product or service in the social space. According to Reuters, Sadler’s offering is catching on. “I walk around, take photos, wear the shirt all day … I Iblog about those photos, I put […]