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Want A Good Deal On A Used Caddy? Call (617) 451-1110

Take a good look at the spot below, because Cadillac won’t have the luxury of such well crafted spots in the near future. Ad Age is reporting that the “new GM” will drop Modernista from the Cadillac account. Since GM’s exit from Chapter 11 bankruptcy this summer, the Detroit grapevine has swirled that Modernista was […]

VW Wants You To Have Fun Climbing Stairs

Other than a peripheral connection to “fun,” I don’t get why this helps VW, but this idea is clever as hell. There will be more to come at As the YouTube page suggests, “We believe that the easiest way to change people’s behaviour for the better is by making it fun to do. We […]

Soap So Strong It Washes The Web

I’m really glad Gavin Mevius of took the time to describe the inner workings of, a digital promo from Axe Bodywash, a.k.a. Lynx, because my brain might have blown a gasket trying to decode it. The experience starts on a fake Men’s Magazine known as Ralph, set to a remix of KiD CuDi’s […]

Actions Are Louder Than Loud, Actions Are All

Gene Rebeck, Senior Editor at Twin Cities Business, spoke to the former Fallonites now known as Zeus Jones. Here’s a bit of what he came away with: “The marketing world is so cluttered, it’s so difficult to get people’s attention,” Adrian Ho notes. Fast-evolving interactive technology was revealing tantalizing new creative possibilities. Marketers are certainly […]

Photographers Fight The Issue Of Pilfering

Everyone who works in a creative field is fighting the theft of ideas and work. The American Society of Media Photographers is tacking it with this spot and a new site, Don’tScrewUs.Org. I’m not even a professional photographer, but I was reluctant to put my nicer photographs on Flickr in the fear that someone might […]

Straight-Faced Favre Scores One for Sears

Personally, I’m happy to see Brett Favre playing football. Which team the guy plays for doesn’t matter to me. I know that’s not the case in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but I don’t live in Wisconsin or Minnesota, nor do I claim the Pack or Vikes as my team. I don’t really have a pro team […]

“Keep Running Your Mouth, Fish”

David&Goliath and Seagram’s Vodka are appealing to football fans with a new campaign that brings NFL rivalries to the fore. The spots will run through Super Bowl Sunday.

Audience Participation Time

AdPulp will be five years old next week. In blog time, that’s aged. We may be old, but we don’t dally. At the time of this writing there are 7137 entries in our database, not all of which were written by me. I’ve only written 6016 of them, thanks to the kind and expert help […]