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Consistently Great Episodes Are The Deepest of Hooks

According to Variety, online chatter about TV shows is forming an all important “viral watercooler” effect coveted by studios and their PR teams. Thanks to the Internet, a show’s shelf-life now extends days after an episode’s premiere for shows that lend themselves to obsessive online discussion and analysis. …nowadays episode recaps for series like “Mad […]

When It Comes To Agency Search Consultants, Agency Execs Suspicious Yet Deferential

Adweek points to a new study from Mirren Business Development that reveals how agency execs feel about agency search consultants. One of their feelings is that the consultants could improve their services in the following ways: Stop the “cattle calls:” be more selective in the agencies that are being invited. Stop “process for process sake” […]

Krop And Advance (Your Career)

At the start of this century, recruiters and CDs in general market advertising agencies would not look at an online portfolio. Fuhgetaboutit. The talent scouts wanted to “pass the work around the office,” I was told more than once. Today, things are much different. Now you have to have an online portfolio, although the mini-book […]

Spotlight on NW Creative: Oregon Lottery

Agency: Borders Perrin Norrander

You’ve Done The Work. Now Decide The Jury.

I’m not a big fan of industry award shows. But The Andy Awards are bringing a new twist in 2010 that’s well worth noting. Via Elect the Jury, the Andys aims to provide “the first globally crowd-sourced group of judges, that truly represents where we are headed as an industry.” As you can see in […]

What Will Come From Tyree’s Palette?

A new media baron is about to born on the Third Coast. His name is James Tyree. Tyree, 51, is chairman of Mesirow Financial and scheduled to be the next owner of the Chicago Sun-Times and its 58 suburban newspaper titles. “Media kingpins aren’t what they used to be, but Tyree said he’s not content […]

Puma Product Placements Showing Up In The Strangest Places

AmEx, you’ve been served by Joseph Jaffe. Somehow, I don’t see them caring all that much. By the way, BofA took 30 large off our table (home equity line of credit) with no rhyme, reason or warning, and then they came back around and clipped the limit on one of my credit cards. Banks don’t […]

Ad Bloggers Diversify Their Offerings

Bill Green of Make the Logo Bigger is teaming up with Angela Natavidad of Adrants and Live and Uncensored to create a new adcast called AdVerve. Green has a really good radio voice and Natavidad’s touch works as a solid counter balance. Plus she lives in Paris. How many radio shows can say they have […]