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Bear Grylls, You Have No Competition

Teva has launched a Web series called The Naturist, which features Gavin McInnes of Vice Magazine fame. He is an expert at what not to do while “surviving” outdoors. Fortunately, he has one thing going for him, he’s wearing the new Teva Riva. So when everything goes wrong–and it will–Gavin’s feet will still be comfortable […]

Apple Says Top Rated PCs Are Really Just Slimy Guys In A Suit

Surprise, You’re On Candid McCamera

According to The Boston Globe, Arnold Worldwide convinced Boston University to make its marketing and advertising students availabe for a McCafe commercial. Officials at Arnold, which handles McDonald’s breakfast account, believed the ad could serve as a lesson for students. Crews from Redtree Productions, the company that Arnold worked with on the ad, fitted three […]

Words Move Me

Erick Schonfeld of Tech Crunch reports on Sony’s foray into micro-messaging. In conjunction with today’s announcement of a new wireless Sony Reader, the electronics giant also launched a literary clone of Twitter called Words Move Me. The site falls into the category of viral social marketing–there are links to the Sony Reader website and eBook […]

These Colors Better Run

I used to work on the Coors account and one place we absolutely could not go, creatively speaking, is to college campuses. The lawyers in Golden would have struck it down like lightning from on high. Apparently, the lawyers in St. Louis were convinced otherwise by their peers on the Bud Light team who are […]

TV To Talk About

Tim Surette of seems to enjoy (or at least respect) the raw honesty of cable channel, The CW. CW, you’re a breath of fresh air in the broadcast television industry. While other networks pretend to be things they aren’t, you’re like a 300-pound woman in a tubetop with her thong sticking out — you […]

Sport Some L.A. Gear, If You’re Game

Chicago’s Sol Design teamed up with Gertrude (another ad agency with a funny name) to bring back a limited edition line of sneaks from L.A. Gear. Find out more at The Battle for the 2008ies.

Listening Is Hard For Anyone, But Terribly Difficult For Big, Broadcast-Centric Brands

Two weeks ago Slate’s Seth Stevenson favorably reviewed Bob Garfield’s new book The Chaos Scenario. Garfield, a critic in the employ of Ad Age, believes today’s media kings (the one’s that are still standing) are about to fall. It all portends chaos for the television industry. But Garfield foresees equal tumult in store for the […]