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From Voucher Clerk To Art Impressario

The Guardian is offering us a chance to get to know ad man, art collector and notorius recluse Charles Saatchi–who in 1970 founded Saatchi & Saatchi with his brother Maurice–a bit better. Before you went into advertising, what other career did you consider? “Consider” isn’t quite how it was. At 17 and with two O-levels […]

Why Would Crispin Turn To Crowdsourcing? Ask Drummond.

Colin Drummond heads up what is traditionally known as account planning at Crispin Porter + Bogusky. He also believes in the power of crowdsourcing (a topic we took up during last night’s BeanCast). On his blog-like-thing, Drummond argues: Be afraid. Be very afraid. OK, if you don’t want to be afraid, at least understand how […]

Hear This

Bill Green of Make The Logo Bigger joined Danny G. and me last night on The BeanCast, a weekly marketing and advertising program hosted by Bob Knorpp. We had a lively discussion around the following five topics: Crispin Porter & Bogusky’s choice to crowdsource a logo and the stink it raised in the design community […]

Why The Health Care Debate Is Sick

Danny G. and I joined Bill Green of Make The Logo Bigger on Bob Knorpp’s BeanCast tonight. One of the hot topics we tossed around is Obama’s apparent failure to sell Americans on his health care plan. It’s also a topic Ken Wheaton of Ad Age took on last week. …tackling health-care reform in the […]

You Never Give Me Your Money. Until Now, Of course.

I’m sure there’s a reason I shouldn’t like this spot, but I do. So sue me.

It’s Really The Machine’s Fault

Sony Vaio W Series claims to be the perfect machine for social media addicts. They sure have a funny way of showing it: Be sure to visit the Social Media Addicts Association web site,, where you can make your own video confessions, sign a petition or purchase t-shirts that say things like “I Have […]

Finally, Microsoft Competes In The Image Arena

Steve Ballmer and crew loves what Crispin Porter & Bogusky is doing for Microsoft’s external image and internal morale. In a New York Times feature, Sean Siler, 39, a software engineer at Microsoft who was featured in Crispin’s “I’m A PC” ad campaign says, “I’ve never seen more pride at Microsoft. You walk through the […]

Move It

Cultural critic, author and professor, Douglas Rushkoff, believes movements are over and done with. It’s a shocking and cynical claim on its surface, for the labor movement, the suffrage movement and the civil rights movements have all changed America for the better. Part of Rushkoff’s problem is identifying a real movement in the first place. […]