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Limited Supply And Great Prices On The Hush Hush

I’m intrigued by this Wall Street Journal report that online fashion retailers are turning to “private sales” to boost revenue. The companies, including Gilt Groupe, RueLaLa and HauteLook, have built a following with virally marketed, daily “members only” sales of limited merchandise. Short, intense sales — often just 36 hours — along with constant updates […]

See Plaid Dance

It’s summertime and if you work at Plaid you know what that means. Roadtrip! PlaidNation is “a rolling celebration of creativity and a demonstration of social media in action.” The agency self-promo tour, now in its third year, is also an opportunity to send “Blogging Superstars” a free t-shirt (and few things get a Blogging […]

Resistance Is Kind Of A Weird Angle For Booze Advertising

Making gin is something chemists do. It’s complicated, like life itself. This alchemical twist is brought to life in a new W+K Amsterdam spot for Diageo’s gin brand, Tanqueray. David Kiefaber of Brand Freak doesn’t care for the urbane sophistication portrayed in the ad. He says it has a “smarmy, young Hugh Hefner vibe to […]

Want To Piss Off The Gods? Fine, Have It Your Way

Burger King seems to be having lots of trouble with its overseas ads. The Huffington Post explains: The ad, which appeared in Spain, shows the goddess Lakshmi sitting above a beef burger. The ‘Texican Whopper’ is an affront to Hindu sensitivities in its own right – it includes an all-beef patty, a beef chilli-con-carne slice, […]

The Economy Is Much More Than Numbers. LIkewise The Economist.

Cinema advertising is a good venue for stretching the brand’s voice. The Economist is certainly stretching its well trained voice here with the help of tight rope artist Florent Blondeau. The ad is meant to be a metaphor for the pleasure one derives from connecting different ideas, something the magazine is particularly good at doing.

Even Spammers Are Getting News-Savvy

This e-mail slipped past my spam filter this morning: I do appreciate it when marketers, no matter how low on the respect totem pole, capitalize on news events in a relevant way. It shows someone is paying attention. And wills are an important thing to have if you’ve got a lot of cash or a […]

Canadian Kids Put Milk Goggles On

Toronto’s Head Gear Animation and Due North Communications have completed three 3D cinema spots for Dairy Farmers of Canada. Here’s one: The spots are currently playing in Cineplex theatres throughout Ontario and the Maritime Provinces along with the trailers before screenings of Ice Age 3D.

Breakdancing and Evian: The 80’s Are Back

Everyone loves babies who do adult-like (or teen-like, in this case) things, right? Well, the 80’s were good to Evian water and I suppose the brand is hoping 80’s nostalgia will help them out. From Brandweek: Evian is hoping for a viral hit on the Web to launch the campaign in the U.S. It is […]