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IPG, Like Many Others, Suffering from Severe Lack of Income

According to The Wall Street Journal, Interpublic Group of Cos. reported a 71% drop in second-quarter profit. The New York-based parent company of DraftFCB and McCann-Erickson reported earnings of $27.8 million, down from $95.1 million a year earlier. Ouch. Interestingly, the paper seems to be taking the news in stride. There’s no big article, no […]

Beer For The People. The People For Beer.

North Korea wants its people to drink beer and they’ve made a commercial to prove it. When asked, Sonya Grewal, award-winning creative director for Young & Rubicam in Chicago, told Global Post: It’s 2 minutes and 34 seconds too long. I think we’re looking at a viral version. The unedited, director’s cut that got out […]

There Must Be A Rabbit In This Hat Somewhere

We’ve all heard about the magic in the creative process. It’s more art than science, and all that. Let’s have a look at how it really works…

A Healthy Debate For TV Stations

Today’s Wall Street Journal reports that the back-and-forth debate over health care reform has been a big help to cash-strapped TV stations: Altogether, groups on various sides of the debate have spent an average of about $1 million a day in recent weeks, analysts say. Some ads from conservative groups say Democrats want to bring […]

What The Locals Think

Wieden + Kennedy is a powerful force in the city of Portland. One might argue the agency is now an institutional anchor, the way a school might otherwise be. Given the important place W+K occupies in Portland, I’ve been intent on finding out what the “town-gown” relations are like. Do puny men in Nikes tangle […]

Not for the Meek: The Ad Supported Content Business

Tim Armstrong is in sales. Yesterday, in Pasadena AOL’s new CEO tried to sell a roomful of doubters at Fortune’s Brainstorm Tech conference that the company will re-emerge triumphant. His premise isn’t new. He intends to cultivate or acquire the kind of magnetic content at AOL that will make it easy to support with advertising. […]

Zen and the Art of New Business Maintenance

Eric Karjaluoto of SmashLAB in Vancouver, BC is sharing an interview he did with business development consultant Blair Enns of WinWithoutPitching. Enns has a lot of great things to say. Witness: The only real way for a firm to shift the power is to eliminate as many substitutes to hiring their firm as possible. They […]

Willis Tower? That’s Like Calling Deep Dish “Cheezy Pizza”

The corporate naming game has run amok for years, but the recent name change from “Sears Tower” to “Willis Tower” in Chicago has touched a nerve. Or 96,814 nerves, as the case may be–that’s how many people on Facebook don’t like the idea. Another 48,747 on have signed a petition to bring back the […]