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Fat Guys In Pizza Commercials? Hell Must Be Freezing Over

WARNING: You are about to see the worst use of Zydeco music in the history of advertising. I’ve been seeing an updated cut of this spot on local TV channels in Portland over the past few days. Pizza Schmizza is a Portland-area franchise with an illogical name and a strange sense of humor.

Some Pricey White Space

According to the Globe & Mail, organizers for the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games have snatched up $40-million in outdoor ad space stretching from the Peace Arch at the U.S.-Canada border to Whistler – all to ensure that advertisers who are not sponsors or partners of the Games are prevented from nabbing billboards or transit ads […]

Wheaton Blasts Anderson Out of His Cannon In Media Free-For-All

Ken Wheaton of Ad Age is not impressed by Chris Anderson. In fact, he says the Wired editor, circuit speaker and author is “less intellectually curious than George ‘Dubya’ Bush.” In response to an interview with Anderson in Spiegel–where Anderson says he doesn’t use the words journalism, media or news anymore–Wheaton writes: Perhaps if Chris […]

Toshiba To Take “My Dog Ate It” For An Answer

“Don’t get angry, get Toshiba” is the new call to action from McCann Erickson Düsseldorf. According to McCann, “Accidents. Theft. Unemployment. No matter what. And your satisfaction is guaranteed.” Find out more at

The Bottled Water Debate Heats Up

Outside of political marketing, you rarely see ads where one marketer calls another one a liar. The New York Times reports on one brand that’s opposed to bottled water and isn’t afraid to say it. Taking a cue from antitobacco campaigns, Tappening, a group opposed to bottled water on environmental grounds, has introduced a campaign […]

Ads Need To Stop Acting Like Ads And Start Acting Like Content

Beth Wilson of Women’s Wear Daily reports on print maven Tina Brown’s advice to bloggers seeking a pay day. So how can media companies, advertisers or bloggers really make money on the Web? Tina Brown, one of the keynote speakers at last weekend’s 2009 BlogHer conference in Chicago, said she may be closer to finding […]

Here, Sign This And You Can Have One Month of Severance

It’s not often that you see labor activists get in the grill of a large advertising concern, but that’s what’s happening in New York City, where members of Industrial Workers of the World (the Wobblies) are protesting the rough treatment workers at Havas’ Media Planning Group (MPG) received last spring. MPG recently cut 11 percent […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: It’s Your Face, But They Can Make An Ad With It

L.A. Times tech reporter, Mark Milian, shows Facebook users the way to freedom from advertising-driven exploitation. Social news sites Digg, Reddit and StumbleUpon all are experimenting with user-ranked ads. Facebook is taking a different approach by sticking your mugshot directly into your friends’ sponsored posts. Milian then offers the link to opt out of this […]