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Insert Yourself Into The World of Sterling Cooper

Season three of Mad Men starts August 16th on AMC. To promote the new season, AMC has unleashed an avatar virus. Linda Holmes of NPR explains: If you’ve seen your Facebook or Twitter feed over the last week turn into a patchwork of little cartoon heads, you’re probably experiencing the effects of Mad Men Yourself, […]

Shovels Full of Pennies Is Pure Currency for Office Max

Vinny Warren and his cohorts at The Escape Pod know how to work a good thing. Here they are workin’ it some more, and just in time for “Back to School.” Warren says, “We went back to New York with our flame-haired penny prankster to buy more stuff with pennies. This time we went for […]

They’re Games, But The Monopoly Money Is Real

Real money is being spent on virtual goods–estimates put the outlay at a cool $1 billion this year. Some say the pixel dust industry could grow to $17.3 billion in 2015. Alex Pham of L.A. Times reports that about one in 10 Americans reached into their wallets last year and spent an average of $30 […]

Perfect for A Game of Etiquette

UroClub may look like something The Onion cooked up, but it’s not. Hear from the man who brought the club to market. He developed it in conjunction with his urologist. [via The Chuckler (the blog formerly known as Vulture Droppings)]

Everyone’s A Critic

Designer Henryk Zawiƛlak uploaded his logo for Grzaniec to Concept Feedback, a new site that crowdsources peer feedback. About the logo above, Ovi Hentea, a peer, says, “I say ditch the gradient on the text stroke. I also say simplify the logo overall, removing some of the detail lines and the screws.” According to Springwise, […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Pacifico Beer

The Creature Blog (which is failing to provide permalinks) showcases some of the Seattle agency’s quirky work for Pacifico Beer. There’s Pacifico Alarm Clock, an iPhone app that wakes you up with the sounds of a Mexican chicken. Let the fun begin! There’s also, a site where “Mexico is randomly sorted by Ira.” Witness: […]

Chicago’s Urbanscape And A Beatles’ Cover Encourage The Irish To Drink American Swill

All Together Now is Budweiser’s new campaign for the Irish market, which is sort of odd, since the spot directed by Chris Palmer is so very Chicago. Here’s what the brand is saying about the shoot itself: This was a remarkably complex shoot as the Chicago metro-rail train had to both follow the usual mass-transit […]

Marry Digital To Experiential And Don’t Look Back

I don’t believe they teach media planning at Haverford College, but Lena DerOhannessian, Southern Comfort’s U.S. marketing director, learned it somewhere (and learned it well). According to Ad Age, Brown-Forman’s Southern Comfort brand — weary of jostling for notice with other spirits brands during the narrow nightly window when they are permitted to advertise on […]