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V DUB And Creativity Mix

Ad Age is taking note of a mover and shaker in Mexico City’s agency scene. Arrechedera Claverol spun off DDB Mexico and is now working on the VW account that DDB has held for 40 years. So the guys may have had an “in” with the VW client, but what else do they have going […]

Danbury Gets Up On Denver’s Mic

The Denver Egotist was taken over again, this time by some dudes from Connecticut. Plaid takes over the Denver Egotist from darryl ohrt on Vimeo. Interestingly, the local press got wind of it. According to Danbury’s News-Times, “Danbury is just the second city in the nation to be asked. The first — Portland, Ore.”

Careful What You Say

This new work for Juvenile Protection Association comes from Blake Ebel and team at Euro RSCG/Chicago. via Gods of Advertising In other Euro/Chicago news, Jamie King is returning to daWindy and intends to make some beautiful rain with his buddy Steffan Postaer. The pair worked together at LB Works before King left for Hal Riney […]

Hourly Employment, Anyone?

March Adness is a seasonal promo from Adweek that pits commercials, not college basketball teams, against one another. The promo is delivered online in a brackets format and is clearly sponsored by Snag A Job, the number one source for hourly employment.

Austin Has The Chronic

Well this is a rare treat. David Carr of The New York Times examines The Austin Chronicle and the men who run it and comes up with a glowing report on the paper’s health. The Austin Chronicle, a weekly newspaper as funky and idiosyncratic as the town it covers, continues to thrive with a relentlessly […]

Tryvertising: The New Way To Go On Holiday

It’s the car-buying equivalent of being handed a cute puppy, knowing you can give it back if you don’t want it: Renault is hoping that once consumers spend a weekend with its new M├ęgane Hatch, they’ll want to keep it. [via Springwise]

Perfecting The One Sheet

I’ll never tire of showcasing well written long copy. It’s not something one sees much of today, but when it works it works. And Ground Zero knows how to work it. Here’s the sum total of their newly undesigned, non sticky Web site: I love how it ends. “Imagine where we’d be if we’d had […]

Three Gravity Free Muskateers

[via UniWorld Group]