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Majorska With A Twist

What the hell is this? We work ourselves to the bone to build premium brands and consumers don’t care–all they want is a good deal? What a nightmare. At the Grove Liquor Store in Montclair, N.J., the manager Anthony Singh said bottles of Grey Goose, which sell for $36.99, are gathering dust. The big sellers, […]

Cute, But Not User Friendly

According to Ad Age, big brands may start to compete for vanity domain extensions. For instance, Pepsi and Coca-Cola might vie for .soda or .pop; Procter & Gamble and Unilever could vie for .laundry or .soap; and McDonald’s and Wendy’s could bid on .burger or .fries. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the […]

Yet Another Facebook Story: 566% More Time Spent

Brian Morrissey of Adweek has courteously summarized a new 16-page report from Nielsen about how people use the Internet. I’d say this graphic pretty much captures the major media trend of the moment: Morrissey adds: The search for a workable ad model is even more urgent now that social media has broken out of the […]

Pyper Paul + Kenney Wins 11% More Tampa Addys This Year

Ever since they hauled in 127 Tampa Addys back in 2006, I’ve been keeping track of Tampa agency Pyper Paul + Kenney’s metallurgic sweepage. This year, I’m happy to report an uptick in ADDY wins as compared to last year. From the Tampa Bay Business Journal: Pyper Paul + Kenney won 62 Addys, including four […]

The Internet Is A World, But It’s Not The World

Hugh MacLeod pulled a Jason Calacanis and started an email newsletter (something my friend Tom Asacker advised me to do a few months ago). I’ve received a couple editions now, one today. In today’s edition, Hugh mentions that his time in the ad biz prepared him well for the steps he would eventually take toward […]

Local Content for a Global Audience

Mike Elgan of The Raw Feed, writing in Computer World, gives props to iHeart Radio, a free iTunes application from Clear Channel. I downloaded the app and it’s pretty slick. But since KBCO/Boulder is the only Clear Channel station that I care about, it’s not an app I’ll use over and over like Pandora. However, […]

A Textbook “Marketing As Service” Example

SPAR, founded in the Netherlands in 1932, is the world’s largest international food retail chain with nearly 16,000 stores in 34 countries. According to JWT’s AnxietyIndex*, SPAR supermarkets in Prague have launched a special online tool to help consumers deal with the economic crisis. Consumers can print a new discount shopping voucher every day. They […]

Big Media Can’t Afford to Report Community News, But They’ll Help You Do It

The New York Times recently launched two new hyperlocal blogs. They’re both called “The Local.” One covers the Fort Green and Clinton Hill neighborhoods in Brooklyn and the other one covers Maplewood, Millburn and South Orange in New Jersey. In an introductory post on the Brooklyn blog, Times reporter Andy Newman says, “there’s a growing […]