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Sugar Water Is The American Way

I like to see a client-side press person bite back when their employer is accused of wrongdoing, and today’s business news provides that ring-side opportunity. According to The Wall Street Journal, The Center for Science in the Public Interest is bringing a class action lawsuit to a California court, claiming that Coca-Cola makes deceptive claims […]

Obey Capitalism

This ad for Saks Fifth Avenue is bound to give the more idealistic Shepard Fairey fans reason to pause. Pimping the new Prez is one thing, but Saks is on another level. It’s unadulterated consumerism. Eric Wilson of The New York Times, asked Fairey if his work could be “misunderstood as some sinister form of […]

Today In Twitterverse: Bold Statements On Sunset

Alison Byrne Fields is SVP/Managing Director, DDB Issues & Advocacy in Washington, DC and a big fan of LA.

On the Surface It Looks Like Outsourcing

I need to get my head around around this. Ricola and other marketers are poking around inside these tubes looking for people with brand building ideas to compete against one another for $1000 in prize money. That’s correct, what we in the business charge many thousands of dollars for is now available on the Internet […]

Agencies In Strange Places: 17th in a Series

Fort Wayne, Indiana. Land of RV (recreational vehicles) manufacturing and basketball rivalries. Oh, there’s also an ad agency in Fort Wayne. One with a blog, a Twitter account and a Web site where one can marker on the leaders faces. Pretty sweet.

The Boutique Is In Again

“Let’s ditch these suits and kick it with those former Goodby guys in the old firehouse.” Those may or may not have been the thoughts in the minds of Intel’s CMO and CEO when they chose to work with Venables Bell & Partners in San Francisco on the technology company’s core branding assignments. Here’s a […]

Open Happiness?

According to The Wall Street Journal, Coca-Cola will introduce a new ad campaign for its flagship brand next week. The ads are being created by Wieden + Kennedy, Portland, Ore. The “Open Happiness” campaign grew out of a six-month initiative dubbed “Project Next,” which was spearheaded by Coke’s new chief executive, Muhtar Kent, and Joe […]

Question Reality

Jason Baer, writing on Marketing Profs Daily Fix, argues that there’s a power struggle over social media and who will “control it”–the ad guys, PR, digital or the client. Baer believes there’s “much at stake” and that ad agencies won’t miss this ship, like they did with digital. I couldn’t disagree more. For one, most […]