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Brands Stumble Before They Walk

Alan Wolk was asked by Valeria Maltoni to look into the future and tell us what he sees. I think we’re going to see a lot of brands behaving badly in social media. They’ll behave badly- or foolishly- because they can’t fathom that the one-way conversation is over and that consumers aren’t fascinated by what […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Goat Trimmers

People in the Pacific Northwest have their own way of doing things. Take grass and weed maintenance. In Topeka, you’d just roll out the John Deere and mow that stuff down. Well, Tacoma ain’t Topeka. In Tacoma, they put goats on the job. Hat tip to Whitney Keyes, who writes a Seattle P-I Reader Blog […]

Free Ad For Olan Mills

More information on Olan Mills. More information on Orange Coat. p.s. Huskers v. Tigers on 1/1/09!

The Key Word In “Selling Out” Is Selling

Does the topic of selling out hold any value for you? Personally, I can’t relate to the topic. I see it as something from another time. But maybe that’s me and maybe I’m strange. ShoeMoney, a guy who makes large buckets of cash from his blog is interested in the topic. He points to a […]

Flaky Use of Blogs, Video and Twitter

Park City Mountain Resort Blog is keeping skiers and boarders up to date on slope conditions–a smart thing to do and an easy to execute social media strategy. For even more timely updates, Park City visitors can turn to Twitter, where the resort’s digital DJ, Eric Hoffman, is keeping the place well waxed. The Twitterati […]

Chrysler Drops Lump Of Coal In Omnicom’s Stocking

Chrysler is closing shop for 30 days. Shutting down production. Making no cars. From a Mad Man’s perspective, it’s horrible time to be on the Chrysler account. Ad Age Exhibit A: A Chrysler Bankruptcy Could Leave Omnicom Out $80M Ad Age Exhibit B: Omnicom Set to Cut Up to 3,500 Jobs Should Chrysler fail to […]

It’s A Moser-Wellman Word After All

Disney World is being taken over by the people. Yes, socialism has come to Orlando. Actually, no. It’s extreme personalization that’s making a splash. Disney created, a site that lets you customize a video with your name or the name of a Mouse-loving family member. Annette Moser-Wellman calls the effort “marketing well.” She also […]

Power To The People

When you go to an agency site, where do you click? If you’re like me, you look at the “Work” and then click the “About” page to learn more about the people who work there. One thing though, the bios found are typically written in lame-o corporate speak. Why not let the people tell their […]