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Today In Twitterverse: Reporters Report

@brianstelter of The New York Times took note of @onemoreryan’s tweets last week as they related to CNN’s proposal to offer an alternative wire service to newspapers across the country. Apparently, The Spokesman-Review editor was using Twitter to “broadcast” his opinions from inside CNN headquarters, a practice that Stetler (and presumably CNN) questioned. CNN, a […]

McCann Invites Clients To Its Barrio

McCann is unveiling a new division this month, called Barrio, that will specialize in marketing products to those on the bottom rungs of the economy, from Mexico to Chile. According to The Wall Street Journal, McCann’s move comes as multinational companies increasingly consider such “emerging consumers” as a big opportunity. But these consumers’ tastes, habits […]

Doing Some Housecleaning

We are in the process of launching the redesigned The home page should be working as you’ve come to expect, if not quicker to load. The archives and permalink pages are in the queue and should be arriving shortly. If you find any oddities, please let me know using either the Tips link on […]

The Information Age Marketing Plan: Personalize Content, Deliver It To The Customer’s Preferred Screen, Generate Meaningful Dialogue, Repeat

Northwestern University’s Media Management Center commissioned a study from innovation expert, Annette Moser-Wellman, to assist news organizations with adapting to the rapid fire changes taking place in their industry. Six Competencies of the Next Generation News Organization (pdf file) looks at emerging technologies like androids, sensors, interactive TV, WiMax, the Semantic Web and more. Then […]

A Window Into the Pain People Are Feeling

Republic Windows & Doors and Bank of America are facing a stiff PR challenge from organized labor that seeks to paint them as modern day Scrooges. According to Associated Press (and other sources) 200 factory workers are staging a sit in at Republic’s Chicago manufacturing plant, protesting their abrupt firing last week. The workers–some of […]

Outstanding Mission Statements: 14th in a Series

Burgerville, a regional quick serve restaurant with 39 locations in Oregon and Washington, has a different way of looking at the business they’re in. Our mission, “Serve With Love” is about choosing to be the difference with each other and our guests. When you visit us, we commit to serving you from our mission with […]

Spotlight On NW Creative: Free Geek

Free Geek is a non-profit organization in Portland that recycles computer parts, teaches people to make their own computer and provides said computers to people in need. In other words, their mission is about preserving the environment and economic justice/bridging the digital divide. Good stuff.

Have Data? Display It For Maximum Benefit.

New York Times Sunday Magazine writer, Virginia Heffernan, examines what it means to be a content creator in today’s suddenly democratized media environment. We have to develop content that metamorphoses in sync with new ways of experiencing it, disseminating it and monetizing it. This argument concedes that it’s not possible to translate or extend traditional […]