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Info Snack Vending Machines from The New York Times

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Feed Your Style Diet

Diet Coke is investing in lifestyle content via their new Style Series. According to Ad Age, the first episode in the series went down like this: Filmed in Times Square, the series debut featured a performance from R&B singer Robin Thicke, the exclusive premiere of Rihanna’s new e-film for Gucci, and an interview with designer […]

A Cup Of Smack Talk

In Seattle, right near Starbucks’ headquarters, McDonald’s makes it very plain how they feel: From The The Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Earlier this year, McDonald’s started to promote the launch of espresso drinks in the Seattle market. Will Starbucks respond in kind? Unlikely. While the coffee wars received much media and Wall Street trumpeting this year, […]

A New Twist On The Ol’ Agency Holiday Card

Miami agency Turkel decided to do some recycling this year for its holiday cards. Literally. The agency collected old and used greeting cards, like the one below, and mailed them out to their clients with the notion that Old cards can be recycled, but not old ideas. There’s also a a companion website where visitors […]

Digital Means Dollars

Laura Oppenheimer of The Oregonian called around to see how things in the Portland agency scene are progressing in this time of tumult. Here’s one factoid she uncovered that I find interesting. The state is home to more than 300 advertising firms that employ 1,900 people. The average wage, according to state figures: a cool […]

Pull It Together

How do ideas spread? Some say they spread virally. Others say key influencers are central to the spreading of ideas. Dr. Alex Bentley and Mark Earls have another theory. Bentley and Earls believe “herd-like copying” is the human behavior marketers need to more fully understand. Their message, radically simplified for our purposes here is this: […]

Car Dealer Pushes The Metal–And The Boundaries

O.C. Welch, the owner of a Ford/Lincoln/Mercury dealership in Hardeeville, SC, is clearly fighting for his livelihood. His new radio spots spell it out: From WTOC in Savannah: Saturday, five radio spots began running. One is titled, “Wake Up America.” “One thing I wanna ask you, with those Japanese cars. Even when they are brand […]

It’s A Screwed-Up Industry, Charlie Brown

Someone had to do it, but I’m not sure who.