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Today In Twitterverse: How To Structure A Contest

You see this: It’s something Twitter users call a Retweet (RT). In other words, it’s a straight lift and rebroadcast of another user’s update. Retweets have the potential to go viral. Say, someone’s child goes missing…one might be inclined to Retweet such a notice in hope of casting a wider safety net for the worried […]

Orlando! For The Kids

Orlando agency, Push has crafted a new campaign for the Orlando/Orange County Convention & Visitors Bureau. And guess what…it features a baby. Isn’t that cute. Research commissioned by the Orlando CVB showed the need to create an overall positioning for Orlando that focuses on the personal connections and emotions resulting from the destination’s distinct offerings. […]

College Students Are All Thumbs

eROI is out with a new study that makes it clear how important the mobile phone is to today’s college students. From what I’ve seen, pulling together a text messaging program is no simple task (it has to work across multiple platforms and generally takes months of planning). Yet, do we have much choice if […]

Selling America On The Idea of Clean Coal Is Playing Dirty

Coal execs and their sympathizers woke up to a cold dose of reality this morning, care of a well designed counter argument in the debate over the nation’s energy future. The Reality Coalition is a project of the Alliance for Climate Protection, Sierra Club, National Wildlife Federation, the Natural Resources Defense Council and the League […]

Give The Gift Of Diesel

It’s a pretty large-sized stocking stuffer, but you can commemorate some international advertising strangeness with Diesel: XXX Years of Diesel Communication. From the website of Rizzoli, the book’s publisher: Diesel was one of the first fashion labels to break the classic rules of advertising and market itself with irony and humor. Its longtime slogan “For […]

Intel Plays Well In Aggregator’s Sandbox

I appreciate Julia Briggs blogging about Intel’s partnership with POPURLS. The result–POPURLS Blue Edition–aggregates news with Intel’s core audience in mind. Briggs says, “People reading blogs are looking for information and are experts at consuming content. Give them more content to consume! But tie it back to your brand.” These type of content partnerships offer […]

If You Publish A Newspaper Today, You’re A Change Agent

Katharine Weymouth, Publisher of The Washington Post sent out a company wide email yesterday, titled “The Road Forward.” Here’s an excerpt: To expand our revenue base and diversify our business model, we must look for opportunities to create new products, especially in the areas where business and policy intersect. These may include the hosting of […]

Toyota Works Its Way Into The Fabric of America (and there’s nothing wrong with it)

Jeremy Greenfield of Adfreak looked at the work above from Toyota and fell into the nationalism trap. This fall, Toyota took to the road with Saatchi & Saatchi and visited select high-school football teams across the country for Line of Scrimmage, an ultra-folksy take on what’s goin’ on in small-town America, the last safe haven […]