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Needed To Power The Inters: Black Swans With Impeccable Taste

Stephen Baker of BusinessWeek looks closely at ThisNext, a social network of shoppers, in his piece on “free labor”. Laura Sweet, an advertising creative director in her early 40s, is at the center of the story. Sweet creates content for free on ThisNext, which profits directly from her labor. Gordon Gould, who runs ThisNext describes […]

Today In Twitterverse: Search By Hornets’ Nest

Loic Le Meur has stirred up some Twitterati dust with this anti-egalitarian declaration: We need filtering and search by authority. We’re not equal on Twitter, as we’re not equal on blogs and on the web. Le Meur came to this conclusion after 7000 Tweets were posted during the two days of LeWeb 3, an Internet […]

When Bartle Bogle Blogs People Listen

Apparently, foul mouthed ad man, George Parker, keeps it clean when a reporter from The New York Times calls. Advertising agencies have dabbled in side businesses for decades, but “inventing their own brand, not dependent on clients’ largess, is the big new thing,” said George Parker, an ad agency consultant and writer of AdScam, a […]

Do Gooders Get Together

Ben Popken, editor of The Consumerist has a new boss and a new (and improved) salary to go along with it. According to The New York Times, Consumers Union, the nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports magazine is buying the site from Gawker Media. Consumers Union is seeking to attract younger readers, with the hope of […]

Build Trust And Prosper

There’s drive-to-web and there’s drive-to-retail. For a handful of smart retailers, a good blog can do both. Chris Anderson of Wired examines the trend: We’ve been through lots of experiments in giving companies a human voice, few of them successful. Paid pitchmen and celebrity endorsements. Awkward commercials featuring the aw-shucks CEO. Quirky corporate styles and […]

Social Media’s Social Order

BusinessWeek’s Blogspotting blog endeavored to discover “voices of innovation” in social media. But “discover” may be too strong a word, since the list they provided features all the usual suspects. Seth Godin, for one, doesn’t like it. Trolling for traffic like this is beneath BW. This was a state of the art traffic trick about […]

We Are But Babes In The Web’s Woods

Susan Murphy of Jester Creative reflects on the invention of the World Wide Web and concludes that we haven’t figured it out yet. Though we originally took the Web to be a simply a means of presenting information, Berners-Lee actually invented the Web as a means of communication and collaboration. 12 years after its rise […]

Some Bands Are Mighty Lucky Today

I don’t need any eSurance, but I bought this song on iTunes. I’d never heard of Cloud Cult until I saw this spot. And lord knows they’ll never get on Atlanta radio. Count me as one of the folks who think commercials are a great way for bands to promote themselves in music’s new world […]