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Take That, MyFaceSpace

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Frankly, if I was the kid in this spot I’d be a little panicked after the parents said they were with AIG. But I guess government bailouts can make you sleep better at night. Reminds me of those “Ask Why” Enron spots. The ad agency did what it was asked to do. It’s the client […]

“Pretty Baby” on the New Baby Boom

Need a new vehicle that goes great with your stroller? VW wants to sell you one, and they’ve hired Brooke Shields to help drive you to a dealer. Adweek’s Barbara Lippert, for one, is in favor of the approach. I like Brooke Shields, especially when the picture-perfect Princeton grad plays against her natural earnestness, as […]

Does Barack Really Want My Opinion?

I’ve written before about the sophisticated marketing techniques the Obama campaign has employed. Today, I got an email suggesting they’re looking for more feedback. I got invited to take a survey that says in part, “your feedback will inform the planning and will help us adjust for the next phase.” I haven’t done the survey […]

Ogilvy Stays Young At Heart

If advertising is an important member of the culture industry–and I’d argue it is–Ogilvy is betting on the right sort of man to lead it into the future. According to The Wall Street Journal, Englishman, Miles Young, will take the helm of the WPP Group agency on January 1. Young, 53, served as head of […]

Wall Street Has A New Look. So Does Its Newspaper of Record.

The online version of The Wall Street Journal has a new look as of today, care of Sapient. “The redesign is a crucial moment in the e-evolution of The Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones,” said Robert Thomson, managing editor of The Wall Street Journal and editor-in-chief of Dow Jones & Company. “We will be […]

F!@#in’ A, Bud Light Wins An Emmy

Congrats to the DDB team in Chicago, whose “Swear Jar” ad for Bud Light has just won an Emmy. We tried this at our office for a little while. I kicked in $10 a week to proactively cover my foul mouth.

Irish Eyes Won’t Be Smiling

If you think Americans are somewhat puritanical when it comes to marketing standards, consider this report from Ireland: The Irish College of Psychiatrists say Irish children are exposed to high levels of alcohol advertising with virtually all sporting events linked to alcohol products. They are calling for a complete ban on all promotion of alcohol. […]