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Become A Tradigitalist and Rise Above

Wieden’s digital man wonder, Renny Gleeson, has a funny take on the digital vs. traditional battle underway at an agency near you. One of the issues he looks at is creative control, a topic I grapple with from time to time. creative control, as in, “who’s that stupid traditional agency to judge the unparraleled brilliance […]

Today in Twitterverse: Distinct Lack of Anger Management

People are bitching up a storm about Twitter dropping followers. Witness: Julia Roy: I am so pissed at twitter. why cant you get your act together? and we are all still loyal. twittering away. amazing. Joseph Jaffe: wow, Twitter messes up again….big time….they’ve somehow lost hundreds of followers for various people including me. COMMUNICATE IDIOTS!! […]

Plaid Is God’s Favorite Color

Plaid Nation Tour – July, 23 2008 from Plaid Nation on Vimeo. Learn more about the media agnostic designers at Plaid (and their summer vacation) at Plaid Nation.

The Brand That Hates Gets No Love from Nas

LinkedIn to the Times

Starting this week, LinkedIn members reading an article in either the business or technology section of will see a box featuring five stories selected for them based on their LinkedIn profile, according to Ad Age. What they may not notice is that online ads have also been targeted to them. Sounds like a great […]

It’s Not Junk If It’s Printed with Soy-Based Inks on Recycled Paper

If you’re not green today, you’re missing the boat. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, it’s imperative to find a more ecologically sensitive path to profit. According to The New York Times, even direct marketers want in on the action. A group of direct-marketing companies, along with a handful of their corporate clients, are […]

The Defense Of The Offensive

I predicted that Bob Garfield’s Open Letter To John Wren would stir things up, and judging by the 70 comments, it sure has. So should we care if ads are perceived by some as offensive or not? It’s the subject of my new Talent Zoo column. Here’s a snippet: “It’s just an ad.” This one […]

On Immersive Engagement

Funky Business is an experiential marketing agency in Bucharest, Romania. I like how they explain their practice on their blog. What does experiential marketing actually do? Strategically, it turns the consumer into an explorer. It transposes him into a medium charged 360° with brand values, it involves him in a story. The story has to […]