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DaVinci Is Now Synarchy

The new WPP-created agency set up to service Dell has a new name. From Ad Age: The new WPP Group agency designed to handle Dell’s marketing-services business is expected to be named Synarchy Worldwide, a reference to a utopian political system coined in the 18th century. WPP could change direction if the name doesn’t pass […]

If You Want The Audience To Laugh, Hire A Comedian

High Jive had a reaction to the BooneOakley job posting bit. When it comes to hunting for talent, agency executives with hiring authority tend to fish in a limited, exclusive pool. In this case, the pool has been sucked even smaller with the requisite CA Annual and One Show credentials. These honors are arguably prestigious, […]

Wieden Inflates CareerBuilder’s Image

Inflatables are not exactly portfolio pieces, particularly when you work at Wieden + Kennedy. Be that as it may, I’m happy to see W+K isn’t above the mundane. Maybe they’re human, after all. [via W+K Studio]

Caption It #25

[via Cherryflava]

Added Value

Joseph Lelyveld, a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, and former executive editor of The New York Times from 1994 to 2001, speaking to India’s Sunday Express reveals a truth about “the customer is always right” mentality. I’ve always mistrusted that phrase “the reader wants”, because how do we know exactly what the reader wants? I think […]

Awards Get You To Charlotte

At least they’re honest about it. This ad on says it all: BOONEOAKLEY – Young, fun, award-winning ad agency in Charlotte, NC seeks talented, award-winning art director/copywriter team. We’ve set the bar high for our agency. So we’re setting the bar high for our applicants: UNLESS YOUR WORK HAS BEEN IN “CA” ADVERTISING ANNUAL […]

Pure Content. Real Connections.

Mountain Dew is morphing into a studio. The beverage brand’s new Skateboarding documentary, “Deathbowl to Downtown,” follows the rise of street-skating in New York’s shifting urban landscapes from the ’70s to the present. The film took three years to make. Yet, the brand only appears at the start of a film, in the same way […]

Miami Expresses Itself As A Hot Destination

My buddy True pointed me to the new “Miami Expressions” campaign, which is an attempt to rebrand the city as a place where people from all walks of life can express themselves through the arts, fashion, and other cultural activities. Artists from Miami are featured in the campaign. But more significantly, the website for Miami […]