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Emerging from the Maze

“My words are my pearls!” -Steffan Postaer It’s refreshing to see a well known Executive Creative Director speak freely about the creative process and how fraught with humanity it is. Coming up in the creative ranks at Leo Burnett my partner(s) and I had to compete with any number of teams looking for the same […]

Want To Remake Marketing? Watch The River Flow.

Adrian Ho of Zeus Jones is a planner, a.k.a. one who thinks deep thoughts, and increasingly shares them via the interwebs. As postmodernism tore apart the traditional hierarchies and relationships I had been brought up with, I felt a strong need to create new ones. To tie things back together into a new story, to […]

Today In Twitterverse: Sex With A Cactus

Hugh Macleod is writing a book about creativity in Alpine, Texas. Facebook is a pain in the ass (or whichever body part it comes into contact with).

Blessed Are The Barbarians

The Barbarian Group launched a new self-promo site. It’s good. Rick Webb, Co-Founder and COO, explains: Taking six months to make a website is pretty ridiculous, but we were doing several things during that time. building a whole publishing platform. This site has a full, rails-based custom, multi-level blogging platform. Each employee has a blog, […]

Must Have Commodity Benefits from Branding

According to The New York Times, gasoline prices surpassed $3.50 a gallon nationwide for the first time and oil jumped to a record high on Monday. Given the intense price pressure on consumers, it’s interesting to note this article in Ad Age about consumers buying gas on brand preference, not price. Karen Wildman, brand and […]

Guest’s Slumming for DIRECTV Hits A Nerve

I love the copy in this new spot from DIRECTV. Here’s the cable exec’s babble: Problem: People everywhere are hooking up their new flatscreens to DIRECTV and they are blown away by the picture and all the amazing HD channels. Solution: We go viral. We get on the net and we blog it out. Ta […]

Down With Pee Pee Tee

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Art Film or Commercial? You Decide.

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