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Brand Identity Is More Than Copy Can Convey

John Moore of Brand Autopsy penned a piece for Brandweek about the needlessness of taglines. Here’s a segment: The formula for advertising is a lot like stand-up comedy. A brand’s advertising consists of a setup and then closes with a tag line. Doesn’t matter if it’s print, OOH, TV, whatever … most advertising has a […]

The Crass Commercialization of America (Version 1.0)

AdverLab and Rob Walker both presented this interesting piece of resistance movement memorabilia from 1885. It predates Adbusters by more than a century. And it’s interesting to note that in 1885 there was to radio advertising, no TV advertising, no internet advertising, no guerilla marketing tactics, etc. Yet, people clearly felt the act of commercial […]

Be The Change

One of my favorite change agents, Tom Asacker, has written a short but deep treatise on the meaning of life. He says it’s our business to to be useful, honorable and compassionate. Here’s what he says about honor: Are you honest, straightforward, trustworthy? Do you play fair? And if not, whom do you think you’re […]

Wenham’s Best To Join All the Rest

Adages, the Ad Age blahg, is reporting that Mullenites will soon struggle to find and pay for parking just like everyone else in downtown Boston. The 420 employees of Mullen’s corporate headquarters will soon be giving up the mansion and the cookbooks and their quirky outsider status. That’s because executives from the Interpublic agency announced […]

Good Tidings To All (Except Wal-Mart and Their Chinese Suppliers)

Just in time for the holidays, Senator Byron L. Dorgan of North Dakota is getting up in Wal-Mart’s grill. According to The New York Times, Dorgan said that Christmas tree ornaments sold at Wal-Mart Stores and other major retailers were made in a Chinese sweatshop employing workers as young as 12 and others who work […]


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Marin County Agency Makes A Funny

[Duncan/Channon spoof via The Bullshit Observer]

Wieden + Kennedy Is Seeking 21st Century Artisans, Telepathic Communicators and Street Corner Poets Who Don’t Mind A Little Rain

If you know what this means, maybe you can get a job there.