Archives for October 2007

Digital’s Rising Star

Does the name Mauro Alencar roll off your tongue the same way Jeff Goodby does? Publicis certainly hopes so. Ad Age reports that Alencar, 32, who formerly worked at Organic and AKQA before that, is now executive creative director of Publicis Modem West. “Mauro’s … portfolio boasts some of the best-known and most highly awarded […]

All Bruce All The Time

Sirius, with its multi-channel lineup is able to take a couple of deep dives into the world of a particular artist. In addition to the Boss’ channel, Sirius also offers a Grateful Dead channel.

Affordable Housing Needed

One out of every 32 people living in the artsy beachfront community of Venice, CA is homeless. Wong Doody aims to do something about it. To raise awareness about the problem and the dire living situations that the homeless face, the Seattle- and LA-based agency is targeting existing Venice residents with a guerilla campaign from […]

Happy Customers Are The Best Ads

I’m starting to think those of us who work in advertising are forever relegated to promoting inferior products. This Wired story on Google’s decided lack of advertising isn’t helping. And how ironic is it that a firm which has sold $30 billion worth of ads to other companies since 2001, shuns the practice? It’s not […]

Some Spice With My Panties Is What I Really Really Want

According to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) record company execs are turning increasingly to non-music retailers in hopes that they can help move recorded merchandise. The Spice Girls’ U.S. label, Capitol Records, has made arrangements for Victoria’s Secret to accept the 500,000 to 600,000 copies of the CD that it has ordered on […]

What If…

David Goss and Phoebe Coulton are a creative team in London who like coming up with ideas. Not just advertising ideas but ideas for the real world too. Here’s one: For more, see What If….

So What Happens When A Brand Can’t Live Up To Its Most Noted Attribute?

Some of Toyota’s cars took it on the chin in the newest Consumer Reports ratings. From The Baltimore Sun: In a blow to the company that is poised to be the largest automaker in the world, Toyota Motor Corp. fell so far in Consumer Reports’ annual reliability survey that the magazine will no longer automatically […]

New Media. Same Old Sex.

French Maid TV is a series of two-five minute viral video “How To’s,” hosted by actresses portraying French maids. According to the site, “It’s where young men learn the important things in life. Like How To Find Music You Like, How To Register a Domain and How to Barter Online.”