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Cliff Notes Concept Applied To Sitcoms

According to Stuart Elliott, Pepsi is investing in the emerging minisodes media category. Sony Pictures Television started offering 150 episodes of old favorites like “Charlie’s Angels,” “Diff’rent Strokes,” “Fantasy Island,” “T. J. Hooker” and “Who’s the Boss?” on MySpace last June. The original running times of 30 or 60 minutes have been shrunk to lengths […]

Widgets Are Us

Our friends at Talent Zoo supplied us with a new Jobs widget now on display to your right. Here’s wishing ad peeps in need a happy and healthy job search. On a side note, Talent Zoo has been our number one corporate sponsor over the past three years. Aside from the fact that we get […]

Ranting For Dollars (Good Work, Steve!)

What do you get if you spend five plus years posting pictures of big breasted women and snarky commentary about ads and the people who make them? If you’re Steve Hall of Adrants, you get an offer to sell a portion of your company and a market valuation of $750,000. According to Hall: Adrants will […]

Nutritional, Ethical and Environmental Information Needed

“It’s high-time that the humble barcode is recognized as a practical and cost-effective solution to consumers’ thirst for information.” -Sion Roberts, director of consumer industries and retail at EDS Apparently, shopping carts are being fitted with computers that crunch data as you roll. [via Reuters]

Not Altoids, But Not Bad

Clara Williams, a Chicago-based jewelry boutique, has a new ad campaign care of Euro RSCG/Chicago. The Steffan Postaer-led team created the logo and advertising to reflect the upscale nature of the brand, while using tongue-in-cheek checkbox options to demonstrate the fun, versatile nature of the jewelry. Ads will run in Town & Country.

Russians To See More Ads

Martin Sorrell, chief executive of advertising and marketing giant WPP Group PLC, is bullish on Russia. In Moscow for a WPP board meeting, Mr. Sorrell said WPP wants to quadruple the size of its Russian business over the next five years. “Our business in Russia is the smallest in the BRICs, but it’s the fastest-growing,” […]

Atlanta Has A New Slogan, So Y’all Get Down Here Now

I’m kinda glad that I don’t currently work on a travel/tourism account. Because it seems like every city has Vegas envy: a desperate desire to use an all-encompassing, open-to-interpretation slogan. Which works perfectly in Vegas, but in every other city, it’s a ploy to a) satisfy a bunch of different political and business types, and […]

Timberland Is All Earthy And Stuff

According to Adweek, Timberland will offset the carbon dioxide emissions associated with the commercial transmission of their latest campaign with wind power generated in Massachusetts and New York facilities. Billboards will be repurposed into tote bags for sale at Timberland outlets, and other print materials will be recycled following the campaign. Havas’ Arnold in Boston […]