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Affordable Asshattery

If you have taste, you don’t flaunt it. Not so, says Hennessy. The cognac maker asks instead that you defy convention and “Flaunt Your Taste.” To help you do that, Hennessy has a neat little PDF download that you can memorize. The obnoxious copy in Hennessy’s manual suggests that: There is nothing more powerful in […]

Ads To Icons: A Great Book But A Misleading Title

It’s really too bad that Dr. Paul Springer, the author of Ads To Icons: How Advertising Succeeds in a Multimedia Age got saddled with, or settled for, a horrible looking book cover and a completely misleading title. Because you can really learn a lot from his book. If you’re like me, you’ve watched all the […]

Agreeable Fliers Found In Virgin Airspace

Are you a Virgin American? Apparently they’re quite the quirky lot. Sean Gannan at Anomaly says, “Despite being a diverse and distinctive group of folks they can, impresario and idealist alike, find things to agree on – be it spectacular shoes, the relative merits of onboard plugs, or a celebratory bag of potato chips.”


Starting next week, labels touting the new prime-time lineup from CBS will appear on packaging and containers available at supermarket deli counters. So your half pound of sliced honey ham could bear a label that tells you to be sure to tune in for CBS shows such as “Viva Laughlin,” “Cane” or “Two and a […]

Copy Contest In The Travel Category

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But Jeff and Rich, There’s No Car In This Ad

[via The New York Times]

Cartoons On Web 2.0 Trail

For the first time, Bugs Bunny and dozens of his animated companions at Time Warner Inc.’s Warner Bros. unit will be housed together on a single internet portal. The new Web site, dubbed T-Works, for “Toon Works,” is scheduled to go live in April. It is the latest effort by a major Hollywood studio to […]

iFeel Like An Idiot. Not.

The news of Apple’s iPhone price drop and subsequent mea culpa from Steve Jobs brought out a legion of naysayers, including one on this board who called buying a product on its launch day an “idiot tax.” “Idiot tax”? Well, speaking as a genuine, stood-in-line-for-2-hours idiot, I wish more folks in corporate America would do […]