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An Oily Jerk-Off

That’s pretty much the only way I can describe the 2:30 Chevron commercial that premiered tonight on 60 Minutes. Click on the story and you can watch the spot. Ad Age has more of a breakdown: The commercial shows a montage filmed in 13 countries, as a voiceover from Campbell Scott (son of actor George […]

MDC Likes A Loose Grip, But Crispin’s Success Could Make Them Grabby

Matthew Creamer of Ad Age speculates on an ownership struggle at Crispin. This year, MDC Partners has the option to raise its stake in Crispin from 49% to 60%, according to financial filings. In 2008, the stake could be increased to 77%. MDC has deferred these options in the past and could do so again. […]

Why Are These Newsmen Laughing?

These newsmen are laughing because they don’t work for a newspaper owned by Wall Street moneymongers. Rather, the St. Petersburg Times, Florida’s largest circulation newspaper, is owned by Poynter Institute, a not for profit organization. “We don’t put out a newspaper to make money,” says Paul C. Tash, the chief executive of the Times Publishing […]

What Hayden Said

At the Advertising Week CEO Summit this week, Steve Hayden, Vice-Chairman of Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, said, “The Internet is vast, brutal and cruel and clients have to toughen up.” Hayden worked on the TV show “Welcome Back Kotter” before joining Lee Clow’s team at Chiat/Day, where he helped create the famous “1984” Apple spot. […]

A Disturbing Image Provokes Action

image courtesy of That Other Blog Isabelle Caro, a 27-year old French woman who weighs just 68 lbs has suffered from anorexia since she was 13. She’s also the star of a highly charged new ad campaign from Nolita, an Italian fashion label. Double-page spreads of the ads, which brutally expose her and her disease, […]

Once Upon A Time, Bloggers Were The Pajama-Clad Enemy Of Mainstream News Organizations

Editors Weblog reports that the venerable British magazine, The Economist, is leaking tips and stories to influential U.S. bloggers as a buzz building mechanism. “What we’ve found to be very successful for getting views is to actually engage with bloggers,” said Mike Seery, chief information officer of The Economist Group. “In the US we identified […]

News Flash: Telemarketing Still Going Strong

I was reading Guy Kawasaki’s interview with with Chris Brogan, which is all about Twitter. Brogan says he doesn’t answer Twitter’s rhetorical question, “What are you doing now?” Rather, Brogran prefers to offer what has his interest now. By the way, one of his his friends is interested to shaming GoDaddy.

Apple Attacks Unlocked iPhones

Image courtesy of Flickr user, chealion Bummer, dude. Apple is fighting those who would dare to hack their precious iPhone. The New York Times’ Bits Blog puts it this way: There is something futile about the way Apple appears to be fighting some of its most ardent fans. A VC says: Reports that Apple is […]