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How Harley Rolls

See more from “Inside Sturgis”.

Spending Shortfalls Leave Digital Strategies Dragging

Adweek senior writer Joan Voight spoke with Tom Bedecarré, CEO of AKQA in San Francisco. Mostly the interview is about advertising in China, but here’s some of what Bedecarré, 51, says about the need for a digital champion on the client side who can marshall the funds needed to run a vigorous interactive program: If […]

Taking The High Road With Clearview

Joshua Yaffa, writing for the NYT Magazine, examines the ongoing transition from Highway Gothic to Clearview on the nation’s highway signs. Looking at a sign in Clearview after reading one in Highway Gothic is like putting on a new pair of reading glasses: there’s a sudden lightness, a noticeable crispness to the letters,” he writes. […]

A Conference Call-Out

I admit I enjoyed the 4A’s Account Planning Conference. Of course, not being a planner and having never attended an advertising-type conference, I have no frame of reference. Plus I flew on a frequent flyer ticket and went to Monterey afterward on vacation, so perhaps I was in the right frame of mind. Piers Fawkes, […]

Make Room For Another Anomaly

image courtesy of Flckr member, Johnny Vulcan Anomaly is proving to be one of the more interesting new agencies to emerge in years. They’re game changers. So it’s not surprising, although it is, to learn about the launch of Another Anomaly, a stand-alone business from Anomaly legally, financially and physically. “This philosophy to our growth […]

IPG Invests In Mobile

An ansible is a hypothetical machine, capable of superluminal communication, and used as a plot device in science fiction literature. It’s also the name of a new mobile marketing firm owned by Interpublic Group of Cos. According to Ad Age, Ansible is a joint venture with Velti, a mobile-technology company. Larry Harris, formerly exec VP-director […]

As Pro Branding As It Gets (Perfect for Brandweek, Where This Ad Ran)

Chaos By Design

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) is running a fascinating look at modern retail in India and the man who figured out how to make it work. Kishore Biyani, 45, owns Pantaloon Retail Ltd., India’s largest retailer. Food Bazaar, Mr. Biyani’s Western-style supermarket which makes up more than 60% of the annual sales of […]