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Yet Another Facebook Story (YAFS Vol. 1 No. 3)

Danah Boyd, Noah Brier and Rob Walker are questioning Facebook’s role in their lives. They’re not alone. Just two weeks ago Om Malik, Scoble and Calacanis conducted a distancing ceremony. Danah explains: I lost control over my Facebook tonight. Or rather, the context got destroyed. For months, I’ve been ignoring most friend requests. Tonight, I […]

Inform And Entertain

According to Media Post, only one third of nearly 1,000 consumers Nielsen interviewed recently could recall any TV commercials they had seen. There are a million places to go with this kind of data. I might say people can’t remember their own phone numbers either. In fact, 21% of the people polled in this survey […]

Smart Phone From Finland Capable Of Finding American Customers

Nokia, the world’s largest mobile-phone marketer, awarded its global network account to JWT last week. JWT will support local efforts in more than 80 markets worldwide. One market that desperately needs support is the U.S., where Nokia lags behind the competition. According to Business 2.0, Nokia may not be a minority player for much longer. […]

Original Design Gangsta

[via ODG Kyle Webster]

These Planners Wear No Clothes

According to Adweek’s exploration of Naked’s explosive U.S. growth, the ascendency of communications planning in this nation is now underway. Naked is eyeing a major U.S. expansion for 2008. It intends to open offices in Los Angeles and Chicago to complement its New York outpost, another sign that communications planning is gaining favor here after […]

Chris Anderson’s 3Cs: Catalyze and Curate Conversations

Chris Anderson of Wired says, “The question I get most often is how I can work for a blockbuster company, Conde Nast, by day and celebrate the decline of the blockbuster by night. My physics-geek answer: it isn’t hypocrisy, it’s wave-particle duality!” He goes on to explain how he uses his Long Tail strategy to […]

Ad Peeps Faces Found

Matthew Creamer of Ad Age spent some time on Facebook for this latest entry into the YAFS* log. Want to send Julie Roehm a virtual beer or lychee martini? Need to connect with Tom Ajello, star of the ill-fated Subway viral-video pitch and famous fist-bumper? Or give Stuart Elliott a “poke”? Then it’s time to […]

Victoria’s Secret To Support Jocks

The Wall Street Journal looks at Columbus, Ohio’s favorite lingerie maker. Sharen Jester Turney, president and chief executive of the chain, told the paper that new yoga pants, sports bras and other athletic clothes could soon become a major portion of the retailer’s business.