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DDB, Fallon, And Agencies That Go Up And Down

In today’s Chicago Sun-Times, Lewis Lazare takes a look at what’s going on at DDB Chicago: Dick Rogers finally lost his confidence in Dana Anderson. After watching three years of tumult severely weaken DDB/Chicago, once a commanding creative force within the Chicago ad industry and far beyond, Rogers, the president of DDB North America, said […]

Vick Fans Dump Their Falcons Tickets

Well, it’s nothing a playoff run couldn’t fix, but Atlanta Falcons fans who buy tickets just to see Michael Vick play are unloading their seats, big time: Since Vick’s tenure with the team unofficially ended with news of a plea agreement, fans have flooded eBay, Craigslist and StubHub with their season tickets. The Web suddenly […]

Here Come The Ads On Facebook

From Wired, although I’m sure you’ll hear it all over the place today: Facebook plans to unveil a new advertising scheme later this fall. According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Facebook is planning a system that will target ads based on the wealth of information people have placed in their Facebook profiles. The […]

SpongeBob LeadPants

Good lord…it’s become a daily occurance, the recalling of something made in China. Now, it’s SpongeBob SquarePants address books that are being recalled: An Ohio importer recalled nearly 250,000 SpongeBob Square-Pants address books and journals made in China because the bindings might contain hazardous levels of lead paint, the Consumer Product Safety Commission said Wednesday. […]

Monster Is On The March

Today’s news that is in review reminds me that this remains one of my all-time favorite television commericals: And don’t forget the ad industry-specific parody. Or was it a parody???

YouTube To Get Ads. Sort Of.

Google didn’t pay $1.6 billion for nothing. From USA Today: Here’s how it works: Sponsors and video publishers apply to participate at Ad sponsors design a campaign that will appear on certain YouTube clips. The ads appear not as traditional 30-second “pre-rolls” but as “overlays” — which look a lot like the little messages […]

Is There A Work/Life Balance In Advertising?

Over at Talent Zoo, Whitney Friedrich, a young AE at DraftFCB, stirred things up by suggesting that new talent in the business, many times, lacks dedication: Wear your passion on your sleeve because it’s one of the only things that differentiates you. It’s not expected that you will have all the answers—or even that you’ll […]

Adweek Does The Social Networking Thing

Adweek magazine has launched At The Roundtable, a new social network for media professionals. Connect At The Roundtable, and quickly communicate with media, marketing and advertising experts and enthusiasts like you. Start now and exchange expertise, develop partnerships, and share ideas. This online community is a private web site where you can meet, build relationships, […]