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Manage Early, Manage Often

See more McJobs advertising from TBWA/Paris.

Free Pharmies!

USA Today is running a brief, but interesting piece on a move that lends Publix a special PR glow. Seven popular antibiotics will be available free from Publix supermarkets for people with prescriptions, even if they have a health insurance provider that would pay for them. Fourteen-day supplies of the seven drugs, among the most […]

Everyone Reports To Someone

Fallon is under new leadership, but that doesn’t mean famously combative, Pat Fallon, has to like it. “This is certainly not how I would script it,” 62-year-old Mr. Fallon said. Referring to his agency’s new boss, Fallon said, “Kevin has ‘Lovemarked’ his way into clients. We’ve been saying that we’d rather outsmart the competition than […]

Throwing Mass Marketing To The Wind

The New York Times is reporting on adveritsing’s Brave New World–a place where French holding company, Publicis, intends to play a major role. Their goal is to transform advertising from mass messages and 30-second commercials that people chat about around the water cooler into personalized messages for each potential customer. In the United States, some […]

What Would Jason Strider Do? (WWJSD?)

An article in today’s “Sunday Styles” calls into question the validity of marriages performed by clergy with no sustained following. That is, the men and women who receive their credentials from The Universal Life Church in Modesto, California. The organization ordains 10,000 people a month, twice as many as in 2000, according to Andre Hensley, […]

Preston Peeks Into Surreal Worlds

Diane Pernet on HRN PRSTN Heron Preston is a Junior Strategist at Naked Communications in NYC. He’s also a man with a video cam and a YouTube page full of bare insights. Preston offers video interviews with Piers Fawkes of PSFK, Daniel Cherry of Wieden/NYC and Harry Bernstein of Berlin Cameron United, to name a […]

The High Cost of Pulling Riches from Silicon Valley Salt Mines

I didn’t even need to open to the Business section of today’s Sunday Times to find a disgusting article about wealth, status and the American dream. For today, the article is conveniently splashed across the front page. Hal Steger, the gentle creature depicted above, is a marketing executive worth $3.5 million. The $1.3 million house […]

Enough Ketchup To Feed An Army

According to CNN, citizens in Collinsville, IL have partnered with the H.J. Heinz Co. to fill an 8-foot-tall, 4-foot-wide plastic pouch with 1,500 pounds of the condiment for a school fundraiser. “That’s a lot of ketchup,” said Tracey Parsons, a Heinz spokeswoman. The company donated 4,000 glass bottles of the condiment for people to buy […]