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Agency Spy Wants Your Bits O’ Ad News

Special thanks to the folks at Agency Spy, a blog started by, for linking my newest Talent Zoo column. Agency Spy isn’t shy about calling it like they see it, since they have a series of posts entitled Why Fallon Is In The Shitter. I wasn’t quite that blatant in my TZ column. But […]

Labor Day Isn’t Just Another Day Off…

A blast from the past, courtesy of the International Ladies Garment Workers’ Union: Though outside of American Apparel, clothing made in the U.S.A, or by anyone paid over a dollar an hour, ain’t all that easy to find these days…

Web Advertising Overtakes Radio

From Forbes: U.S. Internet advertising spending is poised to overtake radio advertising for the first time, providing a reminder that broadcasters need to be more aggressive in their embrace of online opportunities. U.S. radio ad spending is expected to inch up 1.5% in 2007, to $20.4 billion, short of online ad expenditures of $21.7 billion, […]

Earthlink, Mindspring, And The Fall Of A Great Brand

Today’s news that Earthlink is laying off 900 people, or half its staff, is kind of shocking, but I suppose I really shouldn’t be surprised. I signed up for Mindspring dial-up service in January 1995. I was living in Atlanta and they were based here. They had a set of “core values” that impressed me–and […]

What The World Needs Now Is Another Baio

Nothin’ like your own reality-TV show to fix your life. From CNN: Scott Baio will be back on VH1 with another season of “Scott Baio Is 45 … and Single” and a new set of issues — this time, over impending fatherhood. The first season of the reality show found the former “Charles in Charge” […]

Quite Possibly, The Worst Ad Ever. Or One Of The Worst.

We’ve all seen bad trade pub ads, but I think I’ve found the worst one ever. This one, for Matthews Cremation, which ran in the July issue of American Funeral Director magazine. (Yes, we had a copy in the agency today.) Click on the ad to see a larger version: But it’s not enough to […]

To Catch An Advertiser

Today’s New York Times reports that NBC’s “To Catch A Predator” is successful–but it’s freaking out potential advertisers: Some media buyers were hesitant about buying ads on the series even before the recent spate of bad press reports. Andy Donchin, director for national broadcast for the advertising agency Carat USA, said advertisers could be wary […]

Adrift In Austin

According to Ad Age, GSD&M is yet another once-vaunted agency struggling to cope with the times: When GSD&M staffers arrive at work today they’ll be surprised with a visit from one client, PGA Tour Commissioner Tim Finchem. They’ll also be treated to video well wishes from bold-name friends Bill Clinton and author Jim Collins. It’s […]