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Is Your Agency Ready To Sit At The Decision Making Table?

Ad Age is reporting on GSD&M’s new World Market account win. It wouldn’t be much of a story, but the novel compensation agreement makes it one. “This is a partnership based on collaboration at the highest levels of both organizations,” World Market CEO Barry Feld said. “Both GSD&M and World Market are fully invested in […]

Harry Potter and The Obtuse Client

Seeing the StrawberryFrog ad that has 3 paragraphs of body copy made me flash back to every client I ever had that would demand to see bullet points instead of sentences. And the Creative Circus student who presented me an ad with two paragraphs and dubbed it a “long copy” ad. So are people reading […]

Get Me A Bucket

The world is going nuts for online video. How long this trend will last is hard to say, but it’s in full bloom today. The proof is everywhere. Tonight during the American Idol finale the plot thickens with a new 15-second KFC spot from Draft/FCB made entirely of consumer generated content. From the press release: […]

Canadians Love Facebook

Toronto-based web application designer Ryan Feeley compiled some interesting numbers on Facebook users. Note that over 10% of Toronto’s population belongs to the social networking site. That’s huge. [via Three Minds @ Organic]

Post-Merger Takedown

Ad Age reports on moves being made by telecommunications executives to consolidate their offererings under one extremely well known banner. AT&T announced it will accelerate the elimination of its Cingular Wireless brand by removing the name from all in-store signage, including kiosks and point-of-sale materials in 1,800 company-owned stores. Several high-profile stores in major markets […]

Price Promotions And Point-Of-Sale Make An Impression

Illustration by David Pohl The New York Times has gleaned data from a scientific study published in the May issue of The Archives of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine about advertising’s role in motivating teens to smoke and drink. The scientists found that point-of-sale advertising is associated with getting children to try smoking, but has little […]

Get Ready For Sicko

Here’s a clip for the upcoming Michael Moore movie, Sicko: If you have a client that’s in the insurance, healthcare or pharmaceutical categories, then somewhere in their PR and corporate communications departments, they’re getting ready to go on offense against this movie. Whether you like Michael Moore or not, he gets people riled up. And […]

Anthropology Is The New Selling Science

According to Ad Age, BBDO just spent nine months studying 5,000 people in 26 countries. The result of which is “The Ritual Masters,” a report that details shared habits in an attempt to work them to a marketer’s advantage. Here’s some of the data: Americans are also among the cleanest people in the world: 90% […]