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Culture Made In China

Aric Chen writing for Fast Company looks at the emergence of China’s creative class. China is building a creative infrastructure at breakneck speed. You can sense it in the trendy restaurants and slick boutiques popping up in major cities–and in the gritty ex-warehouse and factory districts where imagination-driven companies are joining the cafés and art […]

Ask A Chola Wants Salsa Verde! Doritos For Everyone

Mask-wearing activist, Ask A Chola, operating somewhere in East Los, Califas, a.k.a. Aztlan, has some serious demands for the Frito-Lay Corporation. She claims there are under-served communities in America, and demands that Frito-Lay treat every Dorito-loving community with dignity. Or something like that. Visit Ask A Chola’s MySpace page for more on her shadowy movements.

Ketchup Chronicles

Dan Burke of Dayton, OH recreates a scene for The NYT The idea that consumers will being to churn out brand advertising that regularly runs on prime time TV is a farce. Agency people, who fashion themselves as craftspersons uniquely qualified to make such work, have scoffed at the notion from the get go. Now […]

Julie Roehm Throws Some Gasoline On A Smoldering Fire

In politics, they call it the “Friday night news dump”: Release a bunch of documents and news late on a Friday afternoon so no one really notices because, hey, it’s the weekend and no one’s paying close attention. So what happened this afternoon, right at the start of a 3-day weekend? Ousted senior vice-president of […]

It’s Memorial Day Weekend: I Could Use Some Baseball

Austin-based Door Number 3 is doing some nice work for Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers. One can also find TV spots from this campaign on the DN3 website. [via Ask A Copywriter]


The redesigned Adland points to a resistance story from India, wherein the local brand manager goes to jail for indecency. Just as Richard Gere was charged for violating India’s public obscenity laws for kissing Indian actress Shilpa Shetty at a fundraiser last month in Jaipur (a charge which was just dropped this week), the Indian […]

Interweb Gold Rush Continues

The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) reports that Internet advertising has grown into a $16.9 billion industry. Lots of firms are scrambling for a piece of the action—WPP, Google and Microsoft have all made recent headline-grabbing acquisitions that speak to the ongoing industry shakeup. For decades, advertising has been a relatively simple process dominated […]

Water Dudes Get Rich

Associated Press reports that The Coca-Cola Co. has agreed to buy Vitaminwater maker Glaceau in a cash deal valued at $4.1 billion. The transaction is Coca-Cola’s largest acquisition ever. Glaceau is an attractive acquisition for Coca-Cola because of its position in the enhanced water and energy drink categories, which Coca-Cola is betting will make up […]