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Why Is Grey Goose Expensive?

Not because it tastes good, according to a study sponsored by the award-winning ABC News team. In a blind taste test, conducted by Eben Klemm (the director of something called “cocktail development” for B.R. Guest, a chain of upscale restaurants), 5 of 6 testers reported that they “hated” vodka # 1. When they found out […]

There’s A New Content Sheriff In Town

Donna Bogatin of ZDNet has written two posts about Attributor, the VC backed start-up seeking to help online publishers profit from the widespread repurposing of their orginal content. Attributor’s technology analyzes publishers’ original content published to the Web—text, images, audio, video—with the goal of providing “visibility” as to how it is subsequently re-used by third-parties […]

Bud.TV In The Shop For Repairs

When you go to market with a new product or a new campaign for that matter, you have one chance to make a first impression. Which leaves Anheuser-Busch in a quandry as it seeks to fix According to Brandweek, A-B is in the process of adding shorter videos and the brewer wants to make […]

Calacanis Says “Thank You”

Serial entrepreneur Jason Calacanis launched, a human-powered search engine, at the Wall Street Journal’s D Conference yesterday. “Google’s mission is to index the world’s information; our mission is to curate that wonderful index,” said Calacanis. TechCrunch has more on the developments.

Do It Yourself

Guy Kawasaki’s buddy, Glenn Kelman, the CEO of online real estate brokerage Redfin, has written an eleven-point treatise on DIY public relations. His sixth point about going agencyless in this brave new interworld is well fashioned: 6. Most publicists feel threatened by the Internet’s systems of attribution, glorification and punishment, where Digg can make an […]

tiny gigantic’s Authentic Brand Voice

I like what Josh Kamler at tiny gigantic has to say about authenticity. Authenticity is a basic requirement for any healthy relationship, but it’s nothing more than that. That’s why it rubs me so wrong to see decks and brand guidelines that trumpet authenticity as a value: We are authentic, they say. But here’s the […]

Content Is King

It’s not enough for Google to “do no evil.” They must also do good. According to the New York Post, beginning this Friday the search giant will in fact do good. Google is trying to clean up its search results by cracking down on dubious Web sites that contain little content but lots of ads. […]

Branded Communications Must Provide Something Of Value

BusinessWeek offers eight dos and don’ts for marketing a small business via online social networks. Here’s the first: Communications consultant (and charisma coach) Olivia Fox Cabane says that trying to sell your products, services, or yourself when you first meet someone is the fastest way to ruin a networking relationship before it begins. Instead, she […]