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Where Women Click, with lead articles like “How to Get Bouncy Curls,” “Who Should Prince William Date Now?” and “Chatting with Nanette Lepore” is the second most visited community website by women, after iVillage. According to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.) Glam Media is a favorite of online media buyers. Glam Media is one of […]

Web Two Point Poo Poo

Top 10 lists make geat memes. And it seems Charlie O’Donnell has given birth to a new one–Top Ten Reasons Why Web 2.0 Sucks. I’d like to share my favorite three of his 10 points here: 4. Web 2.0 is a conversational vacuum. I’ll prove it. Unless you live in the Valley, walk outside your […]

Cybernetic Organisms To Become Commonplace lowered their expectations earlier this week, but in other corners of the interweb people are busy raising the bar on their video projects. photo of iJustine courtesy of Laughing Squid’s Scott Beale is the live videostream of Justin Kan, a 23-year-old web entrepreneur in San Francisco. He coined the term “lifecasting” to describe […]

Latin Leader Wants To Make Leo Burnett Sexy

Chicago Sun Times advertising writer Lewis Lazare had lunch last week with Juan Carlos Ortiz, co-president of Leo Burnett and Arc North America. Ortiz, 39, has been with Burnett for 17 years, running the conglomerate’s Bogota, Columbia shop before taking over Burnett’s Latin American operations. According to Lazare, Ortiz now shares an office on West […]

Incubator 2.0

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled engineers yearning to code.” –Naval Ravikant Om Malik looks at HitForge, a new San Francisco-based outfit with a unique twist on the incubator model. HitForge is an entrepreneur cooperative composed of independent small teams, where people can apply with their ideas, join the team, and see their […]

India More Cluttered Than Before

Out-of-home advertising is exploding in India, according to The Wall Street Journal (paid sub. req.). Billboard after billboard, sometimes overlapping, pitch everything from Unilever face cream to Fidelity mutual funds to Samsung televisions and the latest Bollywood blockbuster, “Shakalaka Boom Boom.” As the economy booms, the billboard business is taking off, climbing more than 40% […]

Psst…Buy This…Now!

Here’s a way to put a bug in someone’s ear. Is it a great new marketing technique, or really, really creepy? The Boston Globe has the story. Marketers around the world are using innovative audio technology that sends sound in a narrow beam, just like light, making it possible to direct messages right into consumers’ […]

Leapfrogging To Grey

I confess I’ve never heard of Steve Hardwick, but Adweek reports he’s going to be the new President of Grey, starting next month. But that’s not what caught my eye. Here’s what did: Hardwick, who had served seven months as president of independent StrawberryFrog, begins in his new position at the 525-person office next month […]