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Gorillas In The Dust

Copy: Rain forest cries out. But the chainsaws don’t let you hear it. [via Shedwa]

The Story Is In The Numbers

For the 63rd year in a row, it’s Advertising Age “Agency Report” time. And if you’re in marketing services, particularly digital, you’re in for good news. Agency revenue from marketing services rocketed 13.1% to $15.1 billion, the strongest growth since the recession. Agency revenue from traditional advertising and media rose just 4.2% to $13.1 billion, […]

Traceuses Take Pittsburgh

Have you seen Desiree and Justine show off their various Parkour moves? It’s good entertainment for the dollar.

Neighborhood Blogs Offer Hyper-Local Demographics presents “America’s Top 10 Bloggiest Neighborhoods.” 1. Clinton Hill, Brooklyn 2. Shaw, DC 3. Downtown LA 4. Newton, Mass 5. Rogers Park/North Howard Chicago 6. Pearl District (“The Pearl”), Portland 7. Watertown, Mass 8. Harlem, NY 9. Potrero Hill, SF 10. Coconut Grove (“The Grove”), FL was introduced in February as a collector […]

There’s A Lot Of BS In This BS Job Description

On, they’ve listed “50 Bullshit Jobs” as written by Stanley Bing. Going in alphabetical order, the first one is “Advertising Executive”: Advertising executive: Create perceived need/value for inherently generic or worthless products $$: Ground-level workers with writing ability move quickly to the top, immediately snagging low to mid-six figures; those who can spin mythological […]

Passive Users On Participatory Sites

Bill Tancer, general manager of global research at Hitwise, published a piece on particiaption levels on Web 2.0 sites in Time earlier this week. The latest data on Internet participation reveals that only a very small percentage of Internet activity is related to users creating and publishing content. The 80/20 rule, also known as the […]

MySpace Dot CN Launches

MySpace China is online. According to Associated Press, a beta version of the site launched today. MySpace China is a Chinese-owned company with backing from MySpace Inc., the IDG venture capital firm and a Chinese investment fund, the company said. The strategy of having a Chinese company operate the service follows the approach of Yahoo […]

PhillyInc. Brought To You By Citizens Bank

The New York Times is interested, as is the larger newspaper industry, in the various ideas being brought to bare in Philadelphia, care of high profile ad man turned newspaper publisher, Brian P. Tierney. Starting next week, The Philadelphia Inquirer will run a new column called PhillyInc., written by Inquirer reporters and editors, on the […]