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I’m Still Voting For Chris Christmas Rodriguez This Year

Done a while back and it still cracks me up. See all of them here.

IKEA One Ups The Carpool Concept

Global Cool reports on Ikea’s attempt to strengthen its corporate culture while improving quality of life for its workers and their communities. IKEA staff will have no excuse for piling on the pounds over Christmas, as the Swedish homeware giant has bought each of its 9,000 UK employees a folding bike for Christmas. The Polish […]

Taking Truth Where The Teens (Supposedly) Are

Brandweek looks at the anti-smoking forces move into the social media space. The American Legacy Foundation’s national smoking prevention campaign aimed at youth tackles social networking Web sites with the latest phase of the “Infect truth” campaign. Starting this week, materials like truth wallpaper, branded bumper stickers and even ads that can be affixed onto […]

Football In Springtime. On ESPN. Isn’t Synergy Great?

WSJ reports on a media company’s investment in the product it covers. ESPN acquired national TV rights to the Arena Football League on Tuesday and also will have a minority stake in the 19-team indoor league. The network will have a regular Monday night slot in which it will televise 14 games from March through […]

Buy Google’s Airtime (If You Can)

Market Watch picks up on a possible rough spot for Google as they seek to push beyond online ad revenue (their bread and butter). Google Inc.’s nascent radio advertisement business, known as Google Audio, has run into an unexpected snag: it seems Google doesn’t have access to enough radio airtime for would-be advertisers to thoroughly […]

A Quick Lesson In Customer Service Courtesy Of Home Depot

1) Don’t call someone a “cunt.” 2) If you call someone a “cunt,” make sure that woman’s husband is not nearby. 3) If you call someone a “cunt” and their husband is nearby, act very apologetic and remorseful, and do something to rectify the situation. 4) If you call someone a “cunt” and their husband […]

Geeky New Yorkers Prefer Media Establishment

Lockhart Steele, Gawker Media’s Managing Editor, is posting on ValleyWag. In one post on Nicholas Butterworth, Steele addresses the cultural differences between Silicon Alley and Silicon Valley. Internet industry life in New York City is different than in the Valley. People here don’t listen to podcasts not produced by NPR, and they don’t read Scoble. […]

Wal-Mart Is Red, But Not Scared

Wall Street Journal reports that Wal-Mart allows not only unions at its stores in China, but Communist Party cells, as well. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s biggest retailer, said employees have established a branch of the Communist Party at its headquarters in China. The party branch was set up in the southern city of Shenzhen, […]