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Just Because You Can…

Los Angeles agency, David & Goliath has a talented stafff. Yet, there’s concern inside the organization that these talents might be used for ill purposes, namely another self-promotional video from an agency trying to show how creative it is. According to an email leaked to AdPulp this morning, the video cams are on in El […]

The Joke’s On Us

How an Ad Agency Changes a Light Bulb. Q. How many account executives does it take to change a light bulb? A. How many would you like? Q. How many media people does it take to change a light bulb? A. I first need to figure how many people the light will reach, and then […]

It’s Bidness

According to Jon Fine at BusinessWeek, “Google is rolling out its most ambitious print advertising initiative yet, an online marketplace that will let advertisers place bids on space in more than 50 major newspapers across the U.S.” Nat Ives at Ad Age thinks it might work: With the participation of major papers from The New […]

Quote Of The Day

“There are no bad advertising agencies, only bad agency-client relationships,” said Kenneth G. Romanzi, domestic chief operating officer at Ocean Spray Cranberries. Someone’s been drinking the Cranberry Kool-Aid. Actually, it’s just a snippet from a good article in today’s New York Times on the state of agency-client relationships.

JWT Attempts A Bold Move By Interviewing A Ford Critic

Over at The Truth About Cars, editor Robert Farago talks about his trip to JWT’s New York office to discuss Ford’s “Bold Moves” Internet-based efforts. As soon as our chat commenced, I discovered that “transparency” was the name of JWT’s game. My bright eyed and tie-less adtagonist wanted to know if I– or anyone else– […]

Identify The Real Logo 10 Times Fast puts highly visible logos in front of you and asks you to choose the correct iteration. Players with the fastest times get bragging rights on their site (like a video game in an arcade).

Female Politicians Can Run Crass Negative Ads, Too

I confess that I don’t know much about the Massachusetts governor’s race, but here’s a pretty freaky ad for candidate Kerry Healey: Here’s some background about the ad from, but if there are any Massachusetts AdPulpers who can shed a little more light on this race, please comment. This political season seems like it’s […]

Newspaper 2.0

Wired tells of organizational upheaval at Gannett, the publisher of USA Today as well as 90 other American daily newspapers with combined daily paid circulation of approximately 7.3 million. According to internal documents provided to Wired News and interviews with key executives, Gannett will begin crowdsourcing many of its newsgathering functions. Starting Friday, Gannett newsrooms […]