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How It’s Done

Former Wieden + Kennedy brand planner, Russell Davies, just drew a well marked path out of mediocrity, for any soul brave enough to follow it. 1. Hire advertising people, you get advertising 2. The key to creative genius; work harder 3. You can’t divorce the medium from the message 4. Do good work, the money […]

Jessica Simpson Is New Cover Girl For Anti-DRM Movement

USA Today is running a story on the clue Sony BMG just got. Jessica Simpson’s “A Public Affair” went on sale this week at Yahoo Music, and unlike every digital song sold on competitors Apple iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody, it is compatible with all portable music players. The song is in the open MP3 format […]

“It’s Not A Big Truck. It’s A Series Of Tubes.”

powered by ODEO Senator Ted Stevens’ finest hour, all mashed up for your listening pleasure.

One Task. Many Mediums.

After picking up U.S. consumer promotion and co-marketing duties on the Jimmy Dean, Ball Park, Hillshire Farm, Senseo and Sara Lee brands, Lisa Hurwitz, senior VP-business development and marketing at Arc Worldwide, said: “Retail is really the new consumer battleground. So you have a captive audience in the shopper and figuring out how to capture […]

Gizmo-to-Gizmo (G2G) Calling Free Forever

Computer-to-computer calling is now free, thanks to Gizmo Project. Pardom me, it’s forever free. Engadget says, “if this is any sign of things to come, we’d say the free voice revolution may finally have a proper flagbearer.” And there’s a Mac and Linux client right out of the box. How do you like that?

The Physics Of Marketing 2.0

Hugh MacLeod is talking about “Objects of Sociability,” or what he calls, Ooze. He says “Ooze” is something that allows you to engage with another person. After saying this, Hugh dives into subatomic physics. Why? Because he can. At the subatomic level, things are interchangably waves or particles, depending on what instruments you are using […]

Sex For Money

According to The Syndey Morning Herald, the man in the bear suit just banked $200,000–ten times what a “normal” photog might earn–for a Lee Jeans campaign. Terry Richardson, known for “louche imagery that blurs the lines between photography and pornography,” gets this kind of cash, because the competition is incredibly stiff in denim at the […]

A Client Who Gets It

Assistant Brand Manager on the Cap’n Crunch brand, Jason Dolenga, riffing on Seth Godin’s post, “How to live happily with a great designer”: Too often, freshly minted MBAs (me included) come to a new marketing role thinking that the way they are going to make their mark is by questioning every little point, color selection, […]