Archives for June 2006

If Seventeen Was A Person She Would Be On MySpace

Ad Age reports on a media brand’s attempt to be young and hip relevant to its audience. Hearst Magazines’ Seventeen is entering into an official promotional deal with MySpace, according to people involved in the partnership. While an increasing number of entertainment properties and brand marketers have latched on to MySpace and its massive community, […]

Two Rich Guys Who Need To Get A Clue

Larry Ellison has reneged on his $115 million donation to Harvard. The Oracle founder and CEO, and the world’s 15th richest person, made headlines last year when he pledged the funds to an institute at Harvard to study world health. But now, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, Ellison has decided against making the contribution […]

Flight Of The Fickle Hipsters

Vulture Droppings is the blog from Gyro Worldwide in Philadelphia. According to the agency’s casual observations, Budweiser is usurping Pabst Blue Ribbon as the brew of choice among Philly’s urban hipsters. Here’s a bit of their reasoning, or speculation, as the case may be: Others say PBR tried to cash in on their hipster status […]

Be Happy: It’s Good For You And Your Firm

Ad people have plenty of reasons to be happy at work, but many are not happy. Many ad grunts are overworked and underappreciated. Some are too sensitive for a business filled with daily rejections. Others feel they’re wasting their talent on advertising. Positive Sharing, which brings us the lovely graph displayed above, also addresses the […]

Ford Shares Its Struggle

Ford Bold Moves is a new effort from Ford Motor Company that comes close to living up to its name. The site will feature short films that address the pressing business issues confronting the Detroit automaker. The first episode is available now. According to Ad Age: Charlie Hughes, founder of consultant BrandRules and a veteran […]

Human Media Receivers

According to Media Week, young people are processing information at lightning speeds. Researcher Brent Magid says no other group of consumers will have as profound an impact on the media business over the next 10 years as the Millennial Generation, 9-to 28-year-olds, and he told promotion and marketing executives that it is imperative that they […]

What Planet Is Jupiter On?

Jupiter Research, a leading authority on the impact of the Internet and emerging consumer technologies, reports that 35 percent of large companies plan to institute corporate weblogs this year. Combined with the existing deployed base of 34 percent, nearly 70 percent of all site operators will have implemented corporate blogs by the end of 2006. […]

You’re My Sunny Day

I heard one of my favorite songs–“Blue Sky” by Allman Brothers Band–on TV last night. Sweet! Right? Not exactly. The song was used to support a menopause drug.