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Feed Me

Business 2.0 spoke to Dick Costolo, CEO of FeedBurner. According to the article, FeedBurner manages more than 300,000 feeds from the humblest bloggers to the mightiest publishers: Gannett, Hearst, Reuters. When FeedBurner launched in February 2004, it was instantly popular with bloggers. But commercial publishers were wary, if not outright dismissive. “They’d say, ‘I only […]

Ad News Gets Its Own Social Aggregator

Reid Sorensen has a voracious appetite for ad news. So much so, he started, a Digg-like site for ad industry news. Here’s the official word: is a web application that allows you to submit an article that will be reviewed by all and will be promoted, based on popularity, to the main page. […]

Step Back (From Your Machine) And Make Friends

We increasingly hear about how social online networks are. I question the accuracy of these claims. Is a relationship that exists strictly online truly social? I don’t think it is. I think the bridge must be built from online to off, or the quality of relations will suffer or drop off altogether. Technology aside, many […]

This Land Was Hand-Crafted For You And Me

AdPulp has readers around the world, so forgive me if this comes across a little too insider-American, but July 4th is our Independence day. And it occurred to me that nothing’s more American than advertising. We live in a land where anybody can stand in front of a camera dressed up like George Washington, cherry […]

In Thin Air

Gary Bolles, a partner in Microcast Communications, describes what’s going on today and tomorrow in Aspen: Brainstorm is a high-wattage event, with world-class speakers ranging from political leaders to technology gurus, including Michael Dell, Madeleine Albright, Queen Noor of Jordan, Michael Eisner, and Senator Sam Brownback. The sessions focus on a variety of wicked problems, […]

“I Don’t Have PDF. Can You Send It In Word?”

If you regularly present creative remotely on a conference line, this audio file is for you. Enjoy! [via Advergirl]

Dude, Your Bike Is Sceamin’

The iPod is spawning a whole industry of complimentary devices—even Nike has joined the action with their Nike+iPod Sports Kit for runners. Now, a New Jersey man is marketing his own invention that turns one’s bicycle into a portable stereo. According to Asbury Park Press: Just over a year ago, while riding his bicycle with […]

KISS Coffeehouse Opens In Myrtle Vegas

Next time you’re visiting the Grand Strand, skip the alligator farm and head over to the KISS Coffeehouse. I mean, you wouldn’t want the ’70s rockers to actually sing for their dinner, would you?