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Failure Can Be A Smashing Success

Many of my literary heroes are failed copywriters. Hemingway and Fitzgerald, in particular. Recently, I Iearned that Jim Harrison, author of Dalva, Legends of the Fall, and several other important books, also gave it a go. Jim Harrison in his memoir, Off to the Side: After a long day and evening designing a sample ad […]

A Blog Is Not A Loaf Of Bread

We hosted a raging, if not painful, debate on intellectual property in this space last night. There are strong opinions on both sides. Piers Fawkes, writing in our comments section said: If I copied music, then sold it in its entirety – is that ok because it helps the flow of creativity? Should I be […]

Damn, That Sounds Good

From New York Times: In a world of glossy food magazines, $50 cookbooks and television hosts who seem to care more about make-up than marinades, a quieter, cheaper and decidedly more old-fashioned way to explore cooking is getting new play. Driven by inexpensive podcasting equipment, the freedom of the Internet and a nation obsessed with […]

Free Candy!

According to Lewis Lazare, Hershey’s Kissables will be handed out to passersby on Michigan Avenue today as they are serenaded by local opera singer Brad Jungwirth, who will perform the engaging jingle from the recently unveiled Kissables TV commercial. See the spot here.

Running With Scissors

From Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Consumer Reports announced its first-ever Oyster Awards in this month’s issue, with first prize going to the hard-plastic clamshell packaging for the Uniden Digital Cordless Phone set, which took nine minutes and 22 seconds to open — not the longest, but by far the most dangerous, requiring box cutters and a razor […]

More Crying About Cut And Paste Blogging

You can add Piers Fawkes to the list of bloggers who believe their precious content ought not to be lifted, except in small parts. Guys, Thanks again for referencing our site with the Hit Parking piece. I do enjoy the spread of ideas featured on PSFK, but I do find that the complete cut […]

Idiom 2.0

[via Adhurl]

In Praise Of Packaging

From The Olympian: In the super-competitive business of selling wine, animals give new brands an edge. When a beast is on the label, Americans buy a new wine twice as often as the competition, according to the marketing information company ACNielsen. A kangaroo — actually, a yellow-footed rock wallaby — helped get the trend going. […]