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Gillette: The Best A Man Can Get?

NYT: In two Super Bowl spots — one 30 seconds, the other 15 seconds — Gillette will unveil the “Miracle of Fusion,” a razor that has five closely spaced blades for regular shaving, and a “precision trimmer” blade in back, for grooming beards and mustaches. If any of those Super Bowl viewers read newspapers or […]

Who Are You At The Office?

Today’s Chicago Woman is running an interview with chief executive officer of Energy BBDO, Tonise Paul. Q. How can someone build a personal brand or image? Is it as simple as wearing bright colored suits? A. I had a male entrepreneur friend ask me once in a social setting, “Who are you at the office?” […]

They Do Respect Her Butt

High Jive sheds light on this piss poor promotion from Spanish radio station “La Ley” WLEY 107.9 in Chicago. The ad features a row of female butts and a headline reading, “25 Pegaditas.” It’s promoting a contest where listeners must name 25 songs in a row for a chance to win cash. The Spanish translation […]

Fully Loaded iPods Loads Of Trouble

USA TODAY: A blossoming trade in Apple iPods and other digital devices pre-loaded with movies, TV shows and thousands of songs is raising alarms and legal questions. For the past couple of years, people have sold their used iPods and other music players filled with music on eBay and other auction sites with little notice. […]

Wise Guy Disrupts Conference

According to Media Daily News, lawyers, ad agency execs and a few creative types gathered for the annual Association of National Advertisers’ Advertising Law and Business Affairs Conference in New York yesterday, got an earful from Commercial Alert Executive Director Gary Ruskin. Ruskin, opened his speech by observing that polls show “most Americans really despise […]

Gawker Circling Peninsula

A Blog Soup: I have heard now from a few very reliable people that Gawker Media, that powerhouse of blogging created by Nick Denton, is getting ready to launch a new site. It will, apparently, be a gossip/news blog focusing on the Silicon Valley tech scene. Allegedly, the man picked to edit the site will […]

Bottom Up Gets A Big Boost

According to Business Week, University of Michigan business professor, C.K. Prahalad, 64, has a knack for being able to change people’s perceptions of the world around them. This skill has made Prahalad an incredibly influential corporate strategist. He has built a lucrative consulting career helping such multinationals as Citibank, Philips, and Philip Morris break out […]

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