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Direct Marketing Is Shit An Embarrassment

Eric Weaver, a Seattle-based marketer who believes that the Reign of Fluff is over, delivered his own State of the Union address today. One side is standing and loudly applauding his commentary, while the other is none too pleased. Here are some snippets: I’m sitting in on an American Marketing Association webcast/conference call right now […]

“The Man” Is Snooping Through Facebook

Daily Bruin: Employers are beginning to use sites such as Facebook to access personal information of candidates for employment, said Kathy Sims, director of the UCLA Career Center. And not all employers are pleased with what they find. Sims said there have been several cases of employers rescinding job offers to student candidates because of […]

What’s Behind News Lite

Brand Noise reports that Coca-Cola will introduce Tab Energy this year. Comparable to Red Bull, Tab Energy will be available in 10.5 ounce slim cans patterned in fuchsia gingham. Tab was Coca-Cola Company’s first sugar-free drink, introduced in 1963, and is still available in limited quantities. The new soft drink will not use Saccharin like […]

Repurposing Dishwashing Liquid

Lifehacker: MacGyver Tip: Dishwashing liquid ice pack My wife pulled her sciatic nerve last week. An ice pack was recommended but one of our friends gave us a great tip. Instead of an ice pack, partially fill a strong zip lock back with Dawn dishwashing detergent and freeze it. (I don¹t know if other brands […]

No One Is In Control

Dave Pollard has a fascinating essay up about Americans and our sycophantic ways. It’s mostly about how we’re duped by our political leaders, but he ventures into the business realm, as well. First, he quotes best selling author, Peter Block: “Leadership” is a well-developed misconception. The dominant belief is that the task of leadership is […]

Doo-Woppers Triumph

USA TODAY: A judge has ordered PepsiCo Inc. and its advertising company to pay $250,000 to the 1950s doo-wop band The Flamingos for using their recording, “I Only Have Eyes For You” in a commercial without permission. A federal judge in Chicago on Friday upheld an arbitrator’s decision in favor of the two surviving members […]

Our Food Is Fresh. Bobby Flay Is Spoiled.

NYT: The specialty grocer Trader Joe’s is coming to Manhattan in a few months, but will not be advertising its opening. Instead, the company that has inspired cult loyalty by offering low prices on fresh produce, packaged and frozen foods will stick to its bare-bones marketing approach: sending direct-mail flyers to residents in the neighborhood. […]

That’s Interesting But Where’s Our Product?

In the current issue of Business Week, the magazine explores the firing of William Perez by Phil Knight at Nike, in an article titled, “Inside the Coup at Nike.” AdPulp readers may be particularly interested in the following paragraph. Perez, who came from a consumer-product marketing background, says he sometimes wondered if Nike’s famously creative, […]