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Cut The Crap

from Sydney Morning Herald: Public relations, point of sale, online, event marketing, even a branded pub in a suitably gritty part of town. Every element of the marketing mix was there at the launch of Absolut’s spin-off brand, Cut, bar one, a media schedule. The only thing missing was the one element that has been […]

Unbelievable! Shocking! Outrageous!

Adfreak points to an interesting promotion for the Jerry Springer Show, where the winner gets to co-host the show for a day. The writer of the post, Kathleen Sampey, no doubt a real journalist, actually read the fine print (an important part of any promotion). This part of the “Rules” section for the contest made […]

Glamour Puts Some Glam In Promotions

from New York Times: Glamour magazine has signed three advertisers – Bebe Stores, Elizabeth Arden and Mercury – to sponsor a promotion centered on a film series called Reel Moments, which offers readers a chance to have short stories they write turned into short movies. The three winning shorts will be submitted to film festivals […]

Lipton Takes The Plunge For Our Parks

from Ad Age: Unilever Foods, expanding its long-running sponsorship of the America

Muscle Cars Go Vroom

from The Auto Channel: The hottest car in America

A Billboard That’s Getting Folks Muy Caliente

Illegal immigration is a pretty thorny issue right now, so the billboard above, done for a LA Spanish-language newscast, has some people really ticked off, as the “CA” has been intentionally crossed out and replaced with “Mexico.” The idea is meant to emphasize the newscast’s equal devotion to local news as well as news from […]

Get Paid. Get Laid.

Some Adholes (registration required) don’t like the Talent Zoo web banner we’re running in the space above. I’m actually kind of surprised it’s taken this long for someone to air a grievance. There’s an old adage, “If you don’t piss off some of the people some of the time, your work must suck.” So, I […]


Now, we know why The Donny says he can beat up any CEO in the ad game. This guy is buff! Oh, if you want to read all about how this image made it’s way into our ever-ready-to-bash-The Donny hands, you can do so here.