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Tempeh Burgers Up Next

Boston Globe: McDonald’s is giving a jolt to the New England coffee market. Starting next week, the fast-food chain will replace its brew in all 600 New England stores with Newman’s Own Organics Blend produced by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. in Waterbury, Vt. It’s the only place in the country where McDonald’s is making […]

Caption It #9

Agencies In Strange Places: Tenth In A Series

What are creative wunderkids, Gale Venosdel and Chris Rock, doing in Springfield, MO? Zagging, when others have zigged, that’s what. Other entries in this series: Memphis, Greenville, Lincoln, Bozeman, Coeur d’Alene, Burlington, Omaha, Venice Beach and Bend.

Get Ready For Oz Fest

USA Today: The hottest potential endorser coming out of the 2005 World Series is not a pitcher, catcher or center fielder. It’s manager Ozzie Guillen of the victorious Chicago White Sox. Managers and coaches almost never outshine players on Madison Avenue. But sports marketing executives are jumping on the bandwagon of Guillen, the rollicking, 41-year […]

Software Bullies Treading On Thin Ice Again

Pollstar: Fighting an addiction is tough, just ask Microsoft. Already under close scrutiny for its antitrust habit of pulverizing competing companies into so much dust and dirt, the software giant was recently admonished by a federal judge for distributing a proposal to potential clients outlining an exclusivity deal that would prevent competitors from entering the […]

WWE Eats Its Young

Random Culture and MIT Advertising Lab point to World Wrestling Entertainment’s move to get viewers to skip commercials. In an unusual maneuver that one media agency executive described as a dangerous precedent for advertisers, World Wrestling Entertainment has started pushing viewers to its Web site during commercial breaks in “Monday Night Raw” on USA Network. […]

Retired But Still A Target

The New York Times: For a 47-year-old advocacy group, AARP is acting a lot like a for-profit corporation these days. Look at the products it has in the wings for next year. There is an investment fund aimed at people over 50, the first such product it has developed on its own. There is a […]

Liberating Content From Behind The Registration Gate was created as a mechanism to quickly bypass the login of web sites that require compulsory registration and/or the collection of personal/demographic information (such as the New York Times). I had never used this tool until moments ago. I’m impressed. On their site, they point to the anti-registration reasoning behind the service. -It’s a […]