Archives for October 2005

Video And Voice Enter The IM Race

I rarely use Instant Messaging (IM), but maybe I would use it more if there weren’t so many cross-platform obstacles. Why can’t we all just talk to each other? USA Today: Sometime before mid-2006, MSN and Yahoo messenger users will for the first time be able to communicate with each other. Now, Yahoo users can […]

It Takes Money To Walk Away From Money

The LA Times is running a story on John Densmore, the drummer for The Doors. Mr. Densmore won’t sell out and that is a story today, especially considering that you have Dylan, Sir Paul, Led Zep and The Stones all lending their creations to corporate interests. “People lost their virginity to this music, got high […]

Is Neil French Sexist, Old, Or Just Telling It Like It Is?

Well, I don’t have any direct quotes or transcripts, but apparently Neil French had some choice words to say about women creatives at a speech in Toronto last week. Nancy Vonk, Co-CCO of Ogilvy in Toronto and co-author of the new book “Pick Me,” had a response, clearly taking exception to Neil’s views that women […]

Ban The Tired Old Tricks

Ben McConnell at Church of the Customer points to an interesting promotion for Ban Deodorant that attempts to capitalize on the move toward consumer generated content. Ban (the deodorant) is trying out citizen marketing with a viral twist by inviting people to write captions for photos in its “Ban It” campaign. Winning slogans will be […]

EarthLink Reinvents Its Supply Chain

ZD net: Internet service provider EarthLink is taking big steps to gain its independence from the cable and DSL providers it relies on for access to broadband customers. The company has taken some heavy knocks in the past few months. In June, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld an earlier ruling declaring that cable providers do […]

Coming Soon: A Film Made To Sell Gear

Brandweek: Oakley, which created film company 1242 Productions to promote awareness of its core board-sports market and its athletes, is releasing The Community Project, a snowboarding feature. The film is stocked with action/adventure scenes from many of the world’s top snowboarding locations. Oakley markets eyewear, apparel, gear bags and wearable electronics. “1242 Productions gives us […]

Introducing Hand Made Spam

Barry Scott is a character created to sell Cillit Bang, a cleansing agent marketed in Great Britian. Scott may also be a real person, but there can be no question what this real person, or made up character, wants. He wants to sell you more Cillit Bang. Hello cyber web space countrymen! I’m Barry Scott […]

Ernie’s Tempest

Ernie Schenck asked why Hispanics need their own advertising awards show. There have been 39 responses to his question thus far. Here’s a segment of one response, from High Jive: I think we need Hispanic shows for many reasons. The first is to generate positive pr for Hispanic agencies. The work being produced in these […]