Archives for September 2005

Don’t Judge A “Ham + Cheese” By Its Wrapper

Thanks to Frederik Samuels for posting the following ad, created by Heye + Partners. Translation: Nice Try, Mom…

Run Your Best Elevator Version Up The Flagpole

For years, big brands have shunned unsolicited ideas due to the legal issues associated with their implementation. It seems the times they are a changin’. Two Fortune 100 companies (in beverages and health & beauty respectively) want to meet people with superb ideas in early October to help bring your ideas to life. PSFK has […]

directNIC Weathers Storm

Inc.: They worked around the clock or slept on the floor, ate a stash of food, and watched the streets break out into chaos below. But resilient Web hosting firm, a New Orleans branch of Intercosmos Media Group, kept much of Louisiana online at the height of Hurricane Katrina and through its aftermath. Holed […]

Collegiate Sex Kitten Wanted

Izod Lacaoste wannabe, Le Tigre, has partnered with to help find America’s hottest college girl.

There’s Money In Them Shoes

Pro Blogger has an interview with The Manolo. In said interview said shoe blogger talks about revenue garnered from the site, use of the third person and other oddities. The ProBlogger – What are the main ways that the Manolo makes income from the Shoe Blog? The Manolo – In the order of importance, the […]

Cuvee du Cent Cinquantenaire Please

Lewis Lazare: Most advertising goes out of its way to ignore any and all troubling aspects of a product, so it’s a treat to come across an ad that plays up the negative and boldly tries to turn it into a positive. That’s real chutzpah for you. A new print execution from the Walrus Agency […]

We’re Looking For a Few Goo…Uh, Warm Bodies

Back in 2002, as we were preparing to go to war in Iraq, I showed my book at an agency who had a branch of the military as one of its accounts. I asked the CD point blank, “So how is impending war affecting the account? I mean, it’ll get harder to meet recruitment goals […]

Point-Of-Sale Upsets The Cart

Having spent a good many years in this business working for promotions agencies, the paragraphs below are certainly a pleasure to read, especially in the Journal. Wall Street Journal: Proctor & Gamble Co. believes shoppers make up their mind about a product in about the time it takes to read this paragraph. This “first moment […]